This Gentle Detox Protocol™ was created by me to help with water weight, inflammation and to reverse weight gain before it takes hold!

I use this any time I need to purge weekend over-indulgences or get back on track with my well-weight routine. It is designed so that anyone can follow it, anywhere and at anytime, without any adverse side effects!

I give you a coaching audio, a workbook with simple to follow instructions, a daily routine to follow for 5 days, a daily inspirational support e-mail, an Easy-Step-Recipe for breakfast, lunch and dinner, along with a preparation worksheet, a 1-stop shopping list and 3 awesome bonuses to help you get the best results!

There are no harsh potions or pills to take and you can most likely get started immediately with what you already have on hand!

Included in the Gentle Detox Protocol™ Module & Bonuses…

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  • Gentle Detox Protocol™ Instructions
  • Preparation for the Gentle Detox Protocol™
  • Review of the Daily Routine Chart
  • Protein Shake Recipe – Salad Recipe – Dinner Recipe
  • Food and Drink Shopping List
  • Gentle Detox Protocol™ and Beyond Guide
  • Actions-Thoughts-Results Daily Log
  • Step-by-Step Reference Guide
  • Gentle Detox Daily/Hourly, AM to PM Routine Chart
  • Fast and Easy Slimming Protein Shake Variety Recipe
  • Simple-Step Lunch Recipes You Can Make or Buy Anywhere
  • Simple-Step Dinner Recipes for Home Cooking or Dining Out
  • One-Stop Shopping List – Get All Items at the Grocery Store
  • Gentle Detox Protocol™ Preparation and Action Plan Sheet
  • How to Carry the Benefits of The Gentle Detox Forward
  • Detox Helpers and Extras That You Will Totally Enjoy
  • Step-By-Step Overview and Reference Guide to Post
  • A Reminder E-Mail Will be Sent Each Day
  • It will Give You Support and Guide You
  • Makes it Easy to Stay on Track with the Detox
  • Additional Instructions Given in Each E-Mail
  • A Daily Tip and Inspiration to Keep you Going
  • The Dirty Dozen and The Clean Fifteen Foods
  • The 12 Most Pesticide Contaminated Items
  • The 15 Least Pesticide Contaminated Items
  • Plus 3 Recently Added to the Contaminated List
  • Dry Skin Brushing Technique
  • Dry Skin Brushing Instructions
  • Dry Skin Brushing Step-by-Step Chart
  • Illustrations for Easy Follow
  • Daily Actions Section to Track what You Do
  • Daily Thoughts Section to Track how You Feel
  • Daily Results Section to Track Body Changes
  • Daily Steps Bullet Point Reminders

Use The Gentle Detox Protocol
To Cleanse, Re boot & Jumpstart Weight-Loss

You can begin to undo the effects of over-eating and drinking, toxins in your environment and years of unhealthy living when you follow the Leaner Ladies® Gentle Detox Protocol!  You can even reverse weekend weight-gain before it takes hold!   There are absolutely NO harsh detox products to buy and this program is easily done with Grocery Store items!  I guarantee that if you follow this protocol for 5 days, you will feel lighter, cleaner and may even lose an inch or two… or three (depending on how long you do it!)  A section on how to carry the benefits of the Gentle Detox forward is also included, which is one of the most important keys to living the Leaner Ladies® Lifestyle and feeling better in your body so you can be better in your life!

The Gentle Detox Protocol™ Includes:

A 20 Minute Gentle Detox Protocol Coaching Audio

Instructions & Preparation Worksheet
13 Hour AM to PM Daily Routine Chart
Simple Step Protein Shake Recipe
Easy-Step Lunch & Dinner Recipes
Food & Drink Shopping List
Gentle Detox & Beyond Guide
Detox Helpers & Extra Self Care
Step-By-Step Overview & Reference

A Supportive & Inspirational E-Mail Sent Daily for 5 Days!
Providing Instructions and Guidance to Keep You On Track!

BONUS #1 – Dirty Dozen & Clean Fifteen Lists
BONUS #2 – Dry Brushing Diagrams & Instructions
BONUS #3 – Daily Actions-Results Log

Plus Special Discounts on My Coaching & Other Programs

A $129 Value… All For Just…. $37!

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