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Lisa M Pepe, CWC

“As a Certified Wellness Coach, I am dedicated to helping women uncover and clear wellbeing blocks so that they can intuitively create a personal lifestyle plan which encourages a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life!”

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Certified Wellness Coach ~ Former Certified Personal Trainer ~ Certified Reiki Energy Worker ~  Nutrition & Stress Management Certifications

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Uncover Imbalance to Recover Your Balance!

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  • In-depth look at how the major areas of your life affect one another

  • Discover how satisfied or not satisfied you are in 9 major life areas

  • Acknowledge successes and choose where to make improvements

  • Learn how balance is important for overall wellness and wellbeing

  • Dig deeper into your own personal whole life wellbeing perspectives

  • Measure your full range of alignment and expression in each area

  • See a snapshot of your life in a simple summary viewpoint chart

  • Optional access to my private Wellness & Wellbeing FB Group

  • Additional tip and techniques on overcoming wellbeing challenges

Free Wellbeing Group & Tips


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Free Mini-Training

Improve your overall wellness, maintain a healthy weight and tap into the voice of inner wisdom any time you need it!

As an added gift you can also opt to receive my free 15 minute 3-Part Wellness, Weight & Wisdom Audio Training and Worksheet.  It contains simple steps you can take to improve your wellness and healthy weight issues with a little wisdom! Plus an easy to do any time 1-Minute connection exercise you can do anywhere to tap into your inner intuitive guidance system... Along with a free printable well-weight-wise cheatsheet to remind you of what to do in each category!

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