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Lisa M Pepe, CWC

“As a Certified Wellness Coach & former Reiki Practitioner,
I am dedicated to helping you experience ‘A Wellness Awakening’
to improve your overall well-being and achieve a higher state of self-wisdom.
Feel Better in Your Body from the inside out so you can Be Better in Your life!”

Join me in my Group Wellness Awakening Sessions,
Workshops, Private Coaching and Retreats
to experience a more balanced state of mind & body!


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Certified Personal Trainer ~ Certified Reiki Level III ~ Certified Wellness Coach ~ Achievement Certifications in Nutrition for Fitness & Stress Management

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Uncover Imbalance to Recover Your Balance!

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  • In-depth look at how the major areas of your life affect one another

  • Discover how satisfied or not satisfied you are in 9 major life areas

  • Acknowledge successes and choose where to make improvements

  • Learn how balance is important for overall wellness and well-being

  • Dig deeper into your own personal whole life wellness perspectives

  • Measure your full range of alignment and expression in each area

  • See a snapshot of your life in a simple summary viewpoint chart

  • FREE optional access to my private Whole Life Wellness FB Group

  • Additional tip and techniques on overcoming wellness challenges

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Improve your overall wellness, maintain a healthy weight and tap into the voice of inner wisdom any time you need it!

As an added gift you can also opt to receive my free 15 minute 3-Part Wellness, Weight & Wisdom Audio Training and Worksheet.  It contains simple steps you can take to improve your wellness and healthy weight issues with a little wisdom! Plus an easy to do any time 1-Minute connection exercise you can do anywhere to tap into your inner intuitive guidance system... Along with a free printable well-weight-wise cheatsheet to remind you of what to do in each category!

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