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– 3 No-Diet steps to help reach & maintain your ideal body weight!
– 2 Minute process to tap into your Guidance System for answers!
– 1 Action-Step download to easily follow the methods in the audios!
– FREE access to my Leaner Ladies® Facebook Group if you’d like to join us!



A Well-Weight-Wise Welcome!  

I’m so glad you are here and I can’t wait for you to begin your body transformation today with my FREE 3-Part Audio Training Series.  It contains important steps you can take and some of the best things you can do to begin seeing a difference in the way you think, look and feel!  

Each audio is just 5 minutes long, but packed with the ways I have taken control of my own well-weight issues.  Just 15 minutes could alter your perspective on wellness, weight loss and wisdom and inspire you to make changes!

You will also be given access to my closed Leaner Ladies™ FB group if you wish to join us.  It is a group of well-weight-wise minded women who share their struggles and successes.  I participate daily and post extra tips and techniques I only share with my community. 

I also host a monthly Lunch with Leaner Ladies™ Live session in the group to answer your questions and teach you a new trick or two on how to reach your well-weight-wise goals and why it’s so important that you do.

I love teaching and sharing all I do to keep a healthy balance despite life’s challenges and I am devoted to helping you tap into your inner-wisdom and combine it with outer guidance to do the same!

As a former Certified Personal Trainer and Reiki Level III Practitioner, I now Coach women on how to achieve a better state of wellness and reach and maintain their healthy body weight by combining their inner wisdom with some outer guidance!

NSPA & REIKI Certified

Woman's Wellness at LisaMPepe.com
Boost Energy Naturally 
Improve Thyroid Function 
 Gentle Detox Techniques 
 Ease & Calm Inflammation 
 Healthy Life Empowerment  
 Slow the Signs of Aging 
Tame Hormone Fluctuation
Women's Weight Loss at LisaMPepe.com
Find Your Weight Loss Type
Increase Daily Calorie Burn
Decrease Water Retention
Reach a Healthy-Sexy Weight
Two Week Transformation
Control Hormonal Weight
Keep Pounds Off for Good
Woman's Wisdom at LisaMPepe.com
Intuition & Body Awareness
Love & Pamper Yourself
Uncover Hidden Sabateurs
Spiritual Growth & Happiness
Harmonious Solutions
Alternative Modalities
Hormone Balance Insights

What others are saying about Lisa’s Leaner Ladies® Programs and Coaching

“Lisa, because of you I am PAIN FREE. I owe you BIG TIME! You have changed the course of my life. I have lost 12 lbs and I feel GREAT!”
Marian LaSalle
Tools Tips & Technology and Future Media Association

“I followed the Leaner Ladies program and dropped 2 sizes in just 2 months.  I felt more energetic and enjoyed being able to fit into new slimmer clothes.  Lisa taught me a lot about my body and weight loss.  Now I can rely on what I learned instead of fad diets to stay at a healthy weight!”
Janine M

You have my full endorsement as a Wellness Coach and Weight Loss Expert. Your clinical knowledge and personal success story is testimony to your expertise in this field! Anyone seeking weight loss should seriously consider your programs for a successful, fast process with great results!
John L. Michie
D.C., C.C.S.P. ~ Whole Health Chiropractic

“The Leaner Ladies Weight Loss Program is sensible, solid, thoughtful and well-conceived.  It helped my daughter lose weight by incorporating the Action Steps and healthy habits into her life.  I definitely recommend working with Lisa for personal weight loss support and encouragement.”
Joy A

“Lisa has coached me in many areas of my life.  Her ability to tune in and make me aware of things I may not have thought of has helped me tremendously.  She blends intuition and knowledge which helps to reassure me I’m moving in the right direction.”
Maureen D

“When I ran into a bump in the road, Lisa was really able to help me pinpoint the correction I needed to make for my well-being.  It has changed my life.  Thank you Lisa!”
Gayle K

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I can't wait to send you my free 3-Part Audio Training and Action-Step download.  It contains steps you must take to improve your health and reach your ideal body weight... Plus a simple 1-Minute connection exercise you can do anywhere to hear what your body is saying to you and follow its guidance... Along with a free printable well-weight-wise cheatsheet to to remind you of what to do in each category!

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