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Hello… I am so glad you are here!  I am Lisa M Pepe and I love to impart wellness and weight loss wisdom and advice to women of all ages.  I was born in 1966 so you do the math on my age, but shhhh… don’t tell anyone!

My website is dedicated to sharing all of the ways I take care of my own wellness, stay at my healthy weight and gain wisdom!  It was a labor of love to put my site and my programs together for you because I am very passionate about wellness and weight loss and I am excited to be able to help you with yours!  

I have always tried to stay active, eat healthy and maintain my body’s ideal healthy weight, but I noticed that at certain times in my life I had to work a little harder or change things up a bit to stay there…  Here are those times…

In my teens and twenties, I gained and lost 10lbs several times.  It seemed like a yearly ritual and It was as if my body liked to fatten up to stay warm during the chilly Northeast winters.  I was ok with that to a point, especially if I was stranded outside without a jacket, but I wasn’t crazy about the way my clothes fit and the lack of energy so i began to track the patterns and reasons why. Each year, with a little tweaking, I was always able to reverse any weight gain and prevent it from taking hold.

When I turned 30, I injured my back and gained 15lbs after surgery. During my recovery, I was actually able to lose the weight and return my body back to a healthy state more quickly thanks to knowing exactly what to do before it got out of hand. I felt like I was really onto something because friends, family members and people I knew in the health and wellness field began asking how I did it!  I shared what I knew with all who inquired on a causal basis, but…

In 2002, at 36 years old, I decided to take my passion about healthy living to the next level when I became a Certified Personal Trainer with an extra focus on nutrition. I specialized in helping women achieve their weight loss goals and to feel better in their body. I really enjoy seeing their results and was able to maintain my own wellness and weight loss balance while helping others do the same!

And then I entered my 40’s… read on below…


Me Before – 185 lbs – Size 12

All was great until I turned 41 and things began to change.  I became very ill with a ‘mystery” condition and my hormones went crazy.  I gained 40lbs in a year and couldn’t get it off no matter what I did!  I went to doctor after doctor and had test after test only to be told that everything was “normal.”  That was when I decided to do some extensive research to find a way to once again return my body to it’s healthy weight and state of being. I was determined to find a way to fix it and I would not accept others telling me it was “just what happens when you reach a certain age”… and you shouldn’t either!

With some nutritional tweaking, thyroid adjustments and hormone balance, I reversed my weight gain and felt great once again!  I returned my body to a healthy state (and a size 6) by implementing the methods that I turned into the Leaner Ladies™ Well-Weight and Lifestyle Programs.  Every step in the programs will help you lose weight safely and quickly while building a solid foundation for lasting results and a healthier body!  It was created out of my own necessity to overcome hormonal weight gain but I found that it works for all women no matter what stage of life they are in!  My mission is to help you with your wellness and weight loss issues so you can take control of your own health and body just like I did!

Me Transformed – 145 lbs – Size 6

This is me after I lost 40 lbs using the methods in my Leaner Ladies™ Well-Weight & Lifestyle Programs.  I continue to maintain my healthy body weight and can easily reverse any weight gain before it takes hold!  I do not diet and I only exercise 2-3 days a week!  Once you learn how to live like a Leaner Lady, you will never have to struggle with your weight again!

My current Wellness and Weight Loss programs are designed to empower women of all ages to know and feel that they have the built-in ability to lose weight and keep it off in a healthy way! You do not have to rely on dangerous weight loss products or the next fad diet to achieve your weight loss goals and to maintain an ideal weight for your body!  All of my programs including the DIY Weight Loss Freedom Formula™ and the Group Coaching Leaner Ladies™ Lifestyle Mastery Course teach you all of the skills you need to lose all the weight you want and keep it off for good!

Being well is a natural thing and your body strives to be and stay that way. You do not have to struggle to reach your healthy body weight or have more energy when you heal things on the inside first! Once you approach your wellness and weight with a little wisdom, you will find it’s easier to be what you want to be on the outside!  I hope to educate, inspire and help you transform your body, mind and spirit so you feel better in your body and can be better in your life!

Sincerely Here to Help You With Your Wellness & Weight Loss,

Lisa M Pepe

Wellness – Weight – Wisdom Coach


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Lisa Supports the Following Organizations:

Susan G Komen® Breast Cancer Programs ~ Because I’ve lost friends to this horrible disease.
American Diabetes Association® – Because my dad passed from the cardio-pulmonary effects of diabetes.
St. Jude® Children’s Research hospital – Because no child should suffer or be robbed of their wonder years.

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