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I am often asked my opinion about the best times for exercise for optimum results. In my well-weight programs, I refer to exercise as body movement which is important in achieving and maintaining your ideal body weight. Exercise or body movement can range from a committed, strenuous program to taking a brisk walk or doing yoga. What is important is that you are committed to doing something to raise your heart rate for at least 20 minutes at a time, several days a week on a consistent basis.

Determining the best times for exercise really boils down to personal choice. I’ve tested various times of the day to determine the best times for exercise that result in optimum results for me, but my personal choice may not work well for you.  You will need to do your own testing to determine your best times, however, I can help you determine when, what and how in a Personal Challenge Session where we will work together to come up with the best body movement plan for your life and busy schedule. 

Below I go over some of the best times for exercise… Watch and read more…

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To get started in determining the best times for exercise for optimum results, take time to consider your personal options for exercising.  Ask yourself what exercise activity you are going to engage in and what time or times of the day appeal to you and work best with your schedule.  There are four options that I considered when I was determining what works for me.  Morning – early or late, Lunch Time, Late afternoon – before dinner and After Dinner.  My personal choice is late morning between 10-11am or late afternoon 3-4pm since I work from home and can arrange my schedule most days to accommodate those times.  Your availability is probably different, but try to come up with the best days and times and, most of all, just be sure to fit exercise or body movement in consistently!

Here are the main times I came up with, but if you have a better time for yourself, go for it!

MORNING – For those who like to work out before going to work (in a regular office environment), early morning may be the perfect choice.  Morning exercise on an empty stomach can help to optimize calorie burn. You may also find that you have more pep in your step for the day ahead. I start my morning workouts by warming up with some cardio then doing a bit of stretching.  Sometimes I grab my morning coffee or tea first and drink a glass of water – no heavy meal or protein shake until after I finish – then I head to the gym or fitness center. Starting your metabolism engine early, you will burn more calories throughout the day. My body also accesses more of my fat stores when I don’t consume a full meal or a protein shake before that workout.

LUNCH TIME – For those who cannot fit exercise into their morning routine, consider a work out at lunch time. When I worked in a 9-5 office job, I found myself a like-minded colleague to buddy up with for lunch and a brisk walk; or a brisk walk and then lunch. By taking 20 minutes to take a brisk walk in the park, around the lake, around the building or up and down the steps, then eat a light, healthy lunch, I could recharge my energy, get my metabolism engine running and be ready to finish out the work day sitting at a desk.  Remember the object is to increase your heart rate, which triggers your metabolism engine.

LATE AFTERNOON (BEFORE DINNER) – The late afternoon is another of my optimum, preferred times. This is perfect for me if I have a lot on my schedule in the morning and a no time for lunch.  I usually have my shake in the morning, take a quick lunch break and get it all done by 3pm so I can get to the gym. I also find that working out late afternoon means beating the crowds who swarm the gym after work. If you choose to workout, either at home or a gym, this is also an optimum time before your family comes home and the evening routine takes over. You will loosen your muscles and clear your mind and be ready to focus on your family. I would recommend some pre-prepping of your meals, organization is the key, to allow you to get in your exercise and still focus on making dinner later.

AFTER DINNER – I’ve heard lots of excuses about how it is impossible to get a workout in Monday through Friday with such a jam-packed schedule of work and family obligations. Well, the solution is then to exercise after dinner. This time of day is difficult because you may be tired and ready just to flop down (after putting the kids to bed), but it is another way that to squeeze in a workout. You can do an at-home routine or make sure that your fitness center or gym is within striking distance of your commute so you can stop on the way home.  Even if you only take 20 minutes to walk the treadmill or do the stair-stepper, it’ll be worth it. Not only will you be boosting your metabolism and burning calories, it will also help you de-stress from the day and allow you to truly relax once you are home. 

Overall, what I am saying is that there is no “perfect” time for your workout.  But, there is a best time for exercise for each of us as individuals, based on how your life is structured.  You should decide on what time works for you and commit to the program. Figure out what your optimum time is, your Plan A, and make that a target to achieve for best results. If one time or routine doesn’t work for you, be flexible, try another and be willing to mix it up. You may end up with several best times for exercise based on your lifestyle and its demands on your time.  Come up with a Plan B (or even a Plan C) so that you can adjust and reschedule when necessary to work exercise in another way.  Ultimately, you will make that body movement happen, one way or the other to ensure that you are better in your body so that you can be better in your business and your life.

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