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Hi!  I’m Lisa M Pepe and this is my Video Blog!  In it I give you wellness, weight & wisdom tips and tricks to help you achieve your well-weight goals without going on and off diets.  I want to help you feel better in your body so you can be better in your life and I’m not afraid to combine scientific, holistic and a few intuitive woo-woo ways to get you there.  Everything I share in my Vlog is what I have done for over 30 years to balance wellness, weight and wisdom in my own life.  I take the entire person into consideration when providing solutions to the many challenges women face today… including hormone imbalances, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, thyroid issues and more! Read a post or two and please leave a comment or contact me for more information on any topic!

A Wellness-Weight-Wisdom Welcome

I believe every woman has a built-in compass that can help her get on-track and stay the course when leading a healthier life and being comfortable in her own skin! It’s not about striving to be skinny or giving up all of your favorite things… that would be depriving yourself! It’s about filling yourself up in ways you never imagined…

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Harmful Food Additives

Additives in food we buy can negatively impact our wellness and weight loss goals. Avoid them at all costs or it can and will affect your health. In this blog I go over the additives that you can easily stay away from and why it is imperative that you do. I know the pain of eating them and how to make sure you’re not exposing you or your family to them…

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Inflammatory Foods to Avoid

As a result of thyroid and hormonal problems coupled with inflammation and weight gain, I came up with a plan to help my body heal. There are 10 foods that top the list, aggravating my system and causing inflammation resulting in weight gain and health conditions! Find out what you can do to discover if there are foods you should avoid.

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Food Prep Steps

This is your Well-Weight Wednesdays Tip on Easy Food Prep Steps Food Prepping is one of my favorite ways to be sure I eat properly during the week.   Getting into the habit of prepping food for ourselves makes it easier to grab and go and eat healthy along the way so...

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Pain of the Gain

What happens when your body gains weight? The detrimental impact includes inflammation and pain that will impede your ability to reach and maintain your well-weight goals. Not maintaining your healthy body well-weight can invite or exasperate health conditions. Lessen the gain, lessen the pain. Listen as Lisa M Pepe discusses the Pain of the Gain.

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