Well-Weight-Wisdom Tip – How To Stay Calm In The Storm

With all of the storminess in our lives nowadays whether it’s a storm in nature, a storm in the media, the storm that is going on in society or even the storm in our own minds and bodies we have to find ways to stay calm, be balanced and center ourselves and do what we can so we can feel better in our body!

We can then be better for everyone around us because when you don’t feel good you can’t be good… in your life.  I know that firsthand from going through years of hormone”hell” and now that I’m in my 50s it is even more important to keep the balance in my body every single day and week in because there are so many things that can interfere with that and throw it off course.

I made a list of simple things you can do to calm the storm in your own mind and body… many are just two-minute steps like more mindfulness, change of thought,  change of something that you buy or changing the way you do something.  I promise you everything on this list will be super simple and things that you can just do in two minutes or less.  You can do them several times a day to help you stay calm in the storm or we will wreak havoc and we will feel it inside of our bodies.  Request the e-mailed list by filling in the form below:

Let’s get to some of the reasons, but first Get my free list of 30 ways to calm the storm then watch and read more…

Staying Calm In The Storm cont’d…

One of the ways that I like to do to keep the balance and re-center is to get out in nature.  Going outside helps to clear my head and I usually feel so much better in a matter of minutes.  Whether you’re at home or at work or wherever… go to some place in nature, breathe some fresh air and just chill for a minute and it will change your perspective!

You have to calm the storm in your body before it causes inflammation!  You can read more about inflammation in a couple of my other blog posts at www.lisampepe.com/blog/inflammation-new-body-fat or www.lisampepe.com/blog/inflammatory-foods-to-avoid

Inflammation is caused by many things and doctors are now discovering is the basis for a lot of conditions and diseases that we have.  I’m not saying if take anti-inflammatory measures that you’re going to be free of every disease or condition and you’re never going to come down with anything… BUT…  you must do what you can to lower it so you at least feel better in your body!  Get the list of the easy top 30 things I do to stay calm in the storm – Each one takes a few seconds to a few minutes…

We all have the choice of what we put into our bodies.  We always have the choice of what we eat and drink.  It  actually takes thought and action to get it from outside of you into your mouth and in turn into your system so you have a lot of control there.   I know some of my clients and some that are following have really good intentions about doing this but they just can’t get to the next step.

Let me put it as blunt as possible… MANY things in your environment and especially the food you eat and the drink you drink are not good for you.  Just because it’s out there does not mean it’s good for you so the key is to make a better choices in the moment.  This will help your body stay calm and calm the storm within your body.

Making the decision to eat better can help help calm the storm in your body and the inflammation that follows.
— Instead going to McDonalds go to Subway and get a salad.
— Instead of eating that frozen lasagna maybe have some organic soup or make yourself a salad
— Instead of eating a big meal, make some vegetables and eat VEGAN for a night

Another way you can calm the storm is to watch what you put into your mind.
— Regulate what you see and hear and stay ratiional
— Take phone breaks and breaks from all media daily
— Filter what you’re getting from your phone, TV, radio, tablet, etc…

You also have the ability to know (or find out) what you’re putting into your environment and body
— Choose healthier alternatives to any chemical product you allow into your environment
— Be in the know and ask or find out what’s in anything you bring into your home
— Don’t just trust that if it’s for sale, it’s good for you and doesn’t contain harmful ingredients

It’s basically about making that little pivot and choices to help keep your body calm and stave off inflammation in as many ways as possible. It always surprises me how many do not understand the domino effect of what they put in their body or allow in their environment and they wonder why they don’t feel well!   Most don’t even associate their pains and conditions with the factors mentioned in this post, but I’m here to tell you there is a direct correlation.

To recap, YOU HAVE A LOT OF CONTROL ON WHAT YOU PUT IN OR AROUND YOUR BODY!  You must start to step up and take (better) care of yourself.  The only way to calm the storm within yourself is to do the things that you need to do and hopefully this will help calm some inflammation in your body and help to calm some of the stress and conditions that you’re experiencing.  This will even have a positive effect on your well-weight!

I’m not saying it’s a cure for all of the conditions you may have but every little bit helps.  I still advise you see your doctor on a regular basis and see what they say.  Get all of your blood work done every 6 months or so and see what the diagnosis is but no matter what they say, take better care of yourself so you can stay calm in the middle of the storm as much as possible!

Do your part to control what you can and even when the turmoil gets the best of our emotions, feelings, thoughts and eventually our bodies, you will still feel better than you would’ve without trying some of the things in this post or on my list. Sometimes you need a break.  Clear your mind,  get out in nature or do something healthy for yourself My tip sheet will help you do some little things for yourself that are going to replenish and make yourself feel better and keep you a little bit calmer in the storm of life!

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