Well-Weight-Wisdom Tip on Menopause

I’d like to talk to you a bit about Menopause!  That can be anywhere from your 30s to your 70’s and 80’s because it can include the entire scope of the changes that we go through as women. I find that most of my clients and the women that I come in contact with are in some phase of menopause. Are you?

I felt the beginnings of what I like to call Hormone Hell when I turned 39!  Then I turned 40 and by the time I was 42 years old, I felt so uncomfortable in my own skin that I didn’t know what to do with myself!  It was a very difficult time for me! I had to take matters into my own hands and tune into my own body to find the answers which helped me get rid of many of the symptoms that I was having.  I also did a lot of research, consulted with doctors, specialists and holistic practitioners and came up with several protocols to help myself and others.  I did the work so you don’t have to and include it in my Leader Ladies® Lifestyle, Well-Weight & Intuitive programs.


Let’s Talk Menopause Cont’d…

There are many things that can make your symptoms worse so beware! Toxins, bacterial & viral pathogens, food sensitivities and anything that interferes with the body’s natural processes can make menopause seem like a curse!

Everyday things we come in contact with can also compound the problem! Chemicals, certain foods and additives can disrupt our hormones and other systems which are not as protected as we age.  For instance, when I cut out my top inflammation causing foods, I found that I all of a sudden felt better, looked better and the weight began to drop off.  I also balanced my hormones and used my intuition (I can show you how with a Personal Challenge or Intuitive Wisdom Session) to help quite a few of my menopausal symptoms calm down!.

You can easily start with what you eat and drink because you have complete control over the ingredients of what you consume or at least knowing about them because it’s on most labels or you can just ask or Google it!

Start monitoring what you eat and tune into your body! It took me a few years to really hone in to what my body liked and didn’t like, but I came up some easy techniques to help me… all included in my Coaching and Leaner Ladies® Lifestyle programs.  Now in my fifties, I feel much better and if I have meno or other symptoms, I’m usually able to pinpoint what’s going on and can tend to it before it gets out of hand.  I want to help you do the same!

Leaner Ladies has never been and never will be all about weight loss! It’s all about you and what your body needs and what it doesn’t. So let’s get rid of the dieting and get to what really matters… Our health, our wellness… and our sanity!

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