Women’s Wellness, Weight & Wisdom Coach,

Creator of Leaner Ladies®

Former Certified Personal Trainer
Reiki Level III Practitioner

More Mentoring 

Join my monthly membership group where each week I teach you (live) my best techniques to reverse weight gain, relieve pain, de-stress, detox, boost moods, re-energize, eat healthy, and tap into intuitive guidance so you can feel better in your body and be better in your life! You can’t do it alone and you don’t have to!

  • Weekly FB Live coaching/training sessions with answers to your questions and intuitive guidance
  • Activities like Mindful Meditations, Gentle Detoxing, Vision Boards & Intuitive Readings
  • Also… Yoga Stretching, Protein Shake Making,Weekly workshops on Calming Inflammation,
  • And… Mood Lifting Labs, Stress Reducing Exercises along with suggestions from you
  • Access to some worksheets/activity action steps from my well-weight programs 
  • Your own member portal for access to PDF downloads, quick recipe index, bonuses & extras!

Leaner Ladies® Lifestyle Mastery

All inclusive program with private small group coaching and a 1 hour 1:1 jump-start call with me.  You’ll also get my mini-trainings, my 20-minutes or less recipe index, quick links to all of my videos, podcast action-step downloads and more…

  • Seven modules including exclusive thyroid & hormone sections and six bonuses
  • A private 1:1 phone or video jump-start coaching call to get you set for success 
  • My live video and post participation in the group to answer your questions/concerns
  • Instant Access to all of the course modules, downloads, recipes, videos & materials
  • 1 year free membership to my Woman’s Wellness Club… Formerly More Mentoring

Personal Challenge Sessions

If you need extra help overcoming a weight loss obstacle or in making a health break through, my one-to-one phone or Zoom coaching sessions will help you to…

  • Overcome a major obstacle in the way of your well-weight goals in 3-Steps.
  • Uncover and manage some of the underlying causes to your well-weight challenges. 
  • Create a personalized well-weight plan that you can stick to in your busy every day life.

Well-Weight Workshops

If you would like a fun and informative way to learn some of the secrets behind losing weight and keeping it off for good!  I will teach you how to reach your healthy body weight and feel better in your body…

  • Workshops can be taught at my location in Florida, your location, or via video conference.
  • I teach all of the steps in my Weight Loss Freedom Formula in these educational workshops
  • Learn the action steps that will empower you to reach and stay at your ideal healthy weight.
  • You’ll leave with the skills, an action plan and tools that will help you feel better in your body!

Speaking & Training

Let me inspire and motivate your group to reach a healthier state by focusing on a wellness or weight related topic of your choice or my best well-weight-wise strategies…

  • These can be designed for your group or company and tailored to fit any time slot
  • Full of great take-aways and simple steps the group can take action on right away
  • I will empower your group to take control of their well-weight and get results

Reset-Recharge Retreats

If you would like to reset your well-weight goals and recharge your energy on the beach in Florida, contact Lisa to discuss a retreat designed for you and up to 3 other women…

  • Always held at a resort hotel on the beach near Ponce Inlet, Florida
  • Guests usually arrive Friday evening and depart Sunday afternoon
  • Meals, accommodations, yoga on the beach and learning sessions included

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