Women’s Wellness, Weight & Wisdom Coach,

Creator of Leaner Ladies®

Former Certified Personal Trainer
Reiki Level III Practitioner

Personal Challenge Sessions

If you need extra help overcoming a weight loss obstacle or in making a health break through, my one-to-one phone or Zoom coaching sessions will help you to…

  • Overcome a major obstacle in the way of your well-weight goals in 3-Steps.
  • Uncover and manage some of the underlying causes to your well-weight challenges. 
  • Create a personalized well-weight plan that you can stick to in your busy every day life.

Leaner Ladies® Lifestyle Mastery

All inclusive program with private small group coaching and a 1 hour 1:1 jump-start call with me.  You’ll also get my mini-trainings, my 20-minutes or less recipe index, quick links to all of my videos, podcast action-step downloads and more…

  • Seven modules including exclusive thyroid & hormone sections and six bonuses
  • A private 1:1 phone or video jump-start coaching call to get you set for success 
  • My live video and post participation in the group to answer your questions/concerns
  • Instant Access to all of the course modules, downloads, recipes, videos & materials
  • 1 year free membership to my Woman’s Wellness Club… Formerly More Mentoring

Well-Weight Workshops

If you would like a fun and informative way to learn some of the secrets behind losing weight and keeping it off for good!  I will teach you how to reach your healthy body weight and feel better in your body…

  • Workshops can be taught at my location in Florida, your location, or via video conference.
  • I teach all of the steps in my Weight Loss Freedom Formula in these educational workshops
  • Learn the action steps that will empower you to reach and stay at your ideal healthy weight.
  • You’ll leave with the skills, an action plan and tools that will help you feel better in your body!

Speaking & Training

Let me inspire and motivate your group to reach a healthier state by focusing on a wellness or weight related topic of your choice or my best well-weight-wise strategies…

  • These can be designed for your group or company and tailored to fit any time slot
  • Full of great take-aways and simple steps the group can take action on right away
  • I will empower your group to take control of their well-weight and get results

Reset-Recharge Retreats

If you would like to reset your well-weight goals and recharge your energy on the beach in Florida, contact Lisa to discuss a retreat designed for you and up to 3 other women…

  • Always held at a resort hotel on the beach near Ponce Inlet, Florida
  • Guests usually arrive Friday evening and depart Sunday afternoon
  • Meals, accommodations, yoga on the beach and learning sessions included

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