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Stop going on and off diets!  There is no reason for it when you learn how to give your body what it needs and not what it doesn’t!  You WILL reach and maintain a healthy body weight if you follow what I teach you in this coaching program!  All without calorie counting or starving yourself!

Losing weight and feeling better in your body requires a combination of learning some basic rules and taking a few simple action steps.  It is not difficult once you know how!  My Leaner Ladies™ Lifestyle Mastery Course will teach you all you need to know to get your body to cooperate in letting go of stubborn pounds once and for all.  I know it works because it is the plan that I have followed for over 10 years (the proof is in my pictures) and every one of my clients who learns and uses it has success!

This Lifestyle Mastery Course Is All you need…
To Acheive Long Lasting Results.
Take a Look at what’s Included below…


What’s in the Leaner Ladies™ Lifestyle Mastery Course & Bonus Modules…

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MASTERY #1 - Set For Success Workbook...
  • MASTERY #1 Workbook – Set For Success!
  • How To Overcome Your Obstacles Action Worksheet

  • Before Beginning Action Step & Tracking Sheets

  • Commitment & Desire Statement Declaration Page

  • Support System & Accountability Instructions

  • Overcoming Fear of Failure Action Plan & Steps

MASTERY #1 - Set For Success Coaching Audio
  • Set for Success Instructional Coaching Audio

  • Complete Instructions on How to get Set for Success

  • I will coach you on every step and section in MASTERY #1!

MASTERY #2 - Tune In & Detoxify Workbook...
  • MASTERY #2 Workbook – Tune In & Detoxify!
  • Detect Trigger-Signals & Satisfy Cravings Guide
  • Intuition & Sensitivities Body Awareness Chart
  • Gentle Detox and Beyond Step by Step Guide
  • Action Plan Worksheet for Gentle Detoxification
  • MASTERY #2 Overview Outline for Reference

MASTERY #2 - Tune In & Detoxify Coaching Audio
  • Tune In & Detoxify Instructional Coaching Audio

  • Complete Instructions on How to Detect & Detoxify

  • I will coach you on every step and section in MASTERY #2!

MASTERY #3 - Leaner Lady™ Foods Workbook
  • MASTERY #3 Workbook – Leaner Lady™ Foods!
  • Detailed Outline of Easy Weight Loss Eating Guidelines
  • Eating Habits Action Step & Questionnaire
  • Weight Loss Eating Facts & New Leaner Ladies™ Ideas
  • Weekly Food & Drink Awareness Tracking Log
  • Easy Color Coded Food Combining Chart

MASTERY #3 - Leaner Lady™ Foods Coaching Audio
  • Leaner Lady™ Foods Instructional Coaching Audio

  • Complete Instructions on Eating Leaner Lady™ Foods

  • I will coach you on every step & section in MASTERY #3!

MASTERY #4 - Eat Weight Away Workbook
  • MASTERY #4 Workbook – Eat the Weight Away!
  • Additional Eating Guidelines to Speed up Fat Burning
  • Quick & Easy Weight Loss Meal Examples to Follow
  • Meals & Shopping Action Step Planning Worksheet
  • Serving Portion Size Chart for Eating Right
  • MASTERY #3 & #4 Eating Lean Outline to Post

MASTERY #4 - Eat Weight Away Coaching Audio
  • Eat the Weight Away Instructional Coaching Audio

  • Complete Instructions on How to Detect & Detoxify

  • I will coach you on every step & section in MASTERY #4!

MASTERY #5 - Body Movement Workbook
  • MASTERY #5 Workbook – Body Movement!
  • “Reasonable Excuses” Action Step Worksheet
  • Ways to Move Your Body How-What-When Worksheet
  • Balanced Fitness Design for The Fastest Weight Loss
  • 40 Easy Ways to Fit Body Movement Into Your Life
  • Weekly Body Movement Log To Track Your Progress

MASTERY #5 - Body Movement Coaching Audio
  • Body Movement Instructional Coaching Audio

  • Complete Instructions on How to Move Your Body

  • I will coach you on every step & section in MASTERY #5!

MASTERY #6 - Thyroid & Hormone Workbook
  • Mastery #6 Workbook – Thyroid & Hormones!
  • Thyroid & Hormone Instructional Coaching Video
  • Separate MP3 Download of Coaching Audio
  • How Your Thyroid Function Affects Weight Loss
  • Detecting Sluggish Thyroid Issues Questionnaire
  • Weight Loss Hormone Symptoms Worksheet
  • Handle Reactions to Stress Action Step Chart
  • Happy Hormone Help Overview Outline

MASTERY #6 - Thyroid-Hormone Coach Audio
  • Thyroid & Hormones Instructional Coaching Audio

  • Complete Instructions on Thyroid & Hormones

  • I will coach you on every step & section in MASTERY #6!

MASTERY # 7 - Leaner Lifestyle Solutions Workbook
  • MASTERY #7 Workbook – Leaner Lifestyle Solutions!
  • Leaner Lifestyle Instructional Coaching Video
  • Going Out – Travel – Vacation Weight Management
  • On The Go Action Steps Worksheet
  • Vitamin & Supplement Decisions Questionnaire
  • Additional Vitamin Info and Action Steps
  • My Opinions on Weight Loss Helper Products
  • Additional Tips and Inspiration for Success
  • Leaner Ladies Program Completion Certificate

MASTERY # 7 - Leaner Lifestyle Coaching Audio
  • Leaner Lifestyle Instructional Coaching Audio

  • Complete Instructions on Leaner Lifestyle Solutions

  • I will coach you on every step and section in MASTERY #7!

BONUS #1 - Weight Loss Strategy & Coachng Audio
  • Helps you plan & take important Action Steps for great results
  • Lists the most important “To Dos” for reaching well-weight goals
  • Gives a short and simple “How To Strategize” after each item

BONUS #2 - Fast Results Steps & Coaching Audio

5 basic steps that you must take even if you do nothing else

Outline with clear mini-action-steps for the fastest weight loss

Easy to follow and direct to the point to minimize overwhelm

BONUS #3 - Easy Weight Loss Tips & Coaching Audio

21 – One-Liners to make reaching your well-weight easier

Fun and interesting suggestions from my well-weight arsenal

Really doable actions that can easily fit into your routine

BONUS #4 - Satisfy Sweet Cravings & Coaching Audio

21 Ways to Manage & Satisfy Sweet Cravings

Yummy suggestions that totally crush the crave

At your fingertips checklist of easy prep snacks

BONUS #5 - Savory Snack Substitutes & Coaching Audio

21 Totally Yummy Snack Food Substitutes

Great for all the salty, savory snack lovers

Easy to make and take with you on the run

BONUS #6 - Cheat-n-Treat Food Days & Coaching Audio

21 Cheat Food & Treat Day Tips and Ideas

Best practices for you favorite foods & drinks

How to have a “cheat day” and still lose weight

PLUS… 3 Additional Special Support Bonuses Just For You…

  • A Support E-Mail will be sent to you Daily for 30 Days
  • They will Inspire and Guide You Through the Program
  • Follow the Instructions given for Fast Weight Loss
  • Each e-mail Includes tips and steps for best results


Submit your questions to me for the 4 weeks of this course and I will answer them on the weekly Q&A and recording

Just submit your questions via course form, be on the call or listen to the recording for all of the answers plus great tips

This is  Group Coaching but you can just listen in if you’re shy and you will still get an answer to your submitted questions!


FREE… 1 month access to my private More Mentoring with Lisa Membership Only Support Group

I will answer your questions and help you overcome obstacles so you can stick to the Leaner Lady™ Lifestyle

Monthly Challenges & Mini-Trainings along with extra Group Q&A time via Facebook Live sessions

Action Step Downloads for EACH of my Podcasts & instant access to my 2-Min-Tip & More Videos

Tips – Techniques and Ideas along with access to my Recipe Index to help you become a Leaner Lady™!

Take a look at all you get with this free More Mentoring month by clicking HERE

More About Me & The Leaner Ladies™ Lifestyle Mastery Course:

I created the Leaner Ladies™ Lifestyle Mastery Course for those women who want extra coaching to ensure weight loss results and long term Success.  This course includes 4 LIVE Group Coaching Sessions, AND… 1 Month FREE membership to my More Mentoring Private Support Group to help you stay on track with the program and your goals.  The 7 module workbooks and audio coaching tutorials will further help you learn and implement the Leaner Ladies™ concepts.  You also get several awesome bonuses and 30 instructional support e-mails for extra support!

Once you register, you will receive immediate access to all course materials in your Members area so you can get started right away.  A daily support e-mail will be sent along with instructions on your Jump-Start Coaching call and how to submit questions for your 4 free Group Coaching Q&A sessions.  The recording of the sessions will be sent so you can listen at your convenience or as many times as you’d like.  You’ll also be added to my private More Mentoring Private Support Group so you can get answers to questions right away and one month of on-going support, recipes, training and videos!

I’ve also added discount codes for all of my other programs to help you succeed in reaching your well-weight goals.

The Leaner Ladies™ Lifestyle Mastery Course also includes 2 Special sections not in any of my other programs.  These are the Thyroid – Hormone section and the Lifestyle section.  I’ve included them to be sure that this program will work even with the issues some women face such as hypothyroidism, hormonal fluctuations, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.  I had to work with and overcome all of these while I was losing weight, so this program is especially designed to work even if you have some or all of those conditions!

Feeling the affects of  hormonal changes on my own weight forced me to tweak my health and fitness regimen so that I was able to once again get back to my leaner lady self!  I created this program from first-hand experience, research and my own trials and errors while overcoming them.  The Leaner Ladies™ Lifestyle Mastery Course is designed to help women of all ages feel better in their body so they can be better in their life… long term!


My before and after pictures on this website are untouched and show me with my hormonal weight gain and then after I lost the weight using the program I named Leaner Ladies™.  That same all encompassing program that I created and used has been turned into this course so that other women car reap the benefits!  Even as a woman in my 50’s, the methods in my Leaner Ladies™ Lifestyle Mastery Course still helps me to keep the weight off!  I am living proof that it really works and I assure you that if you follow it, you will see great weight loss results and easily maintain the best healthy weight for your body!  I can say with confidence that if you learn it and live it you will lose it and love it!

Take Part in The Leaner Ladies™ Lifestyle Mastery Course

This is a coaching package for women who are serious about losing weight and keeping it off.  You WILL learn all you need to know to accomplish this and you must commit to doing so.  Please do not sign up unless you can make the commitment to learn the Leaner Ladies™ principals and do what is required for this 30 Day course.  If you do join me, I promise you will see a wonderful body transformation in 30 days when you follow all that I teach you.  AND… you WILL NOT gain the weight back if you continue practicing what you learn!

What You Will be Empowered With in This Course:

  How to overcome almost any obstacles and make a true commitment to your health

Detect & eliminate weight loss saboteurs that could be causing you pain and cell damage

Natural ways to gently detoxify your system without purging or products  

Eating lean and enjoying simple meals you can make or buy anywhere

Basic Leaner Lady™ eating guidelines that will keep your body in fat burning mode

Easily fit more body movement into your life without going to the gym or vigorous exercise

How to eliminate excuses and create a balanced weekly fitness routine you’ll stick to

Creating solid internal & external support systems and getting over fear of failure

How your thyroid affects weight loss and detecting hormonal weight symptoms

Best ways to minimize and handle stress or triggers and satisfy cravings

Making wise vitamin & supplement decisions and my opinions on weight loss products

Travel, vacation and social engagement weight loss techniques

Incorporating the Leaner Ladies™ plan into your busy on-the-go life!

Regular Price… $1577

Introductory Price…  $777

This Coaching package is valued at over $1500.00…
The ability to reach and maintain your well-weight is priceless!

BUT… You get all of the 4 Q&A sessions AND
1 month FREE in my Leaner Ladies™ Lifestyle Mastery Group

The 5 Leaner Ladies™ Lifestyle modules
with PDF Workbooks and Coaching Audios

The Special Thyroid & Hormone Module
An Extra Lifestyle & Advice Module
with Coaching Audios
Weight Loss Strategies Bonus

Fast Result Steps Bonus
Easy Weight Loss Tips Bonus
Satisfy Sweet Cravings Bonus
Savory Snack Substitutes Bonus
Cheat-Treat Food Days Bonus
A Bonus Coaching Audio

30 support e-mails along with
Discounts on ALL of my other programs!

  And… if you send me a Testimonial and a picture showing your transformation
with permission to share it on my website,  I will give you $50 back!
That’s only $727.00 to become a Leaner Lady™!

This is offered to my Weight Loss Freedom Formula™ members as a discounted upgrade.

Please CONTACT me for the upgrade and special Group Rates.


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