Personal Challenge Coaching Sessions

Overcome Well-Weight Challenges with a little bit of Wisdom!

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

Left feeling stuck in your “well-weight illness”, confused and unable to navigate the maze of options available to you?

Let me help you listen to what your body is saying so you can re-calibrate and feel better in it!

Is your well-weight (wellness and ideal body weight) suffering?
Do you feel like your health has slipped and you just don’t feel as good as you used to?
Is depression or negative emotion making things seem hopeless at times?
Are you tired, achy and just don’t feel well some, most or all of the time?
Do you feel alone in your struggles with health, wellness and weight issues?
Have you gained weight and are told it’s due to your age, thyroid, diabetes or other conditions?
Do you go on and off the newest, trendiest diets and lose some weight only to gain it back again?

Is it difficult for you to lose weight and keep it off?
Do you have Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue?

Are RA, Diabetes, Lymes Disease ruining your life?
 How about Thyroid, Adrenal, Hormone problems?
Or a combination of all of them… and other mystery conditions?
And don’t forget brain fog, memory malfunctions and more!


My health and weight hit a wall in my early 40’s – you can learn more on my ABOUT page. I was in pain, tired, weak, frustrated, confused and even gained 45 lbs!  I went to every Doctor & Specialist at my disposal and tried many alternative protocols.  I felt alone and misunderstood by most as I tried to navigate this unfamiliar territory so I decided to do some major research on my own.  Through persistence with doctors, some trial & error and holistic practices, I began to use my intuition along with knowledge and experiences to pull myself out of that dark and scary place!  I put all of it into my coaching and courses to help other women do the same… Lose the diet, love yourself and figure out what your body is trying to tell you to feel better and help it heal!


If I can do this, so can you… with a little help and coaching!

If you’re like me, I know you want to get to the bottom of your health and weight issues like I did.  I also know that each of us is slightly different in what we need to do to get there so I created my 1:1 specialized private coaching that I like to call Personal Challenge Sessions. 
As a Certified Wellness Coach I know the obstacles you face and will take you through an assessment to uncover hidden beliefs and blocks that could be impeding your progress.  We’ll also go over the areas that might need improvement and will work on them one at a time so you can reach your well-weight without dieting, guilt or deprivation!


1 Hour private phone coaching session with Lisa ~ You pick your time using my easy on-line scheduler

Access to the questionnaire to submit your challenge ~ Complete evaluation of your well-weight challenge

Uncovering hidden causes & issues that keep you stuck ~ Additional supportive & intuitive guidance  from Lisa

Notes & Worksheet PDF downloads to use on the call ~ Action-Step protocol recommendations to get results




Go over the submitted questionnaire with you 

Uncover some of the causes of your challenge 

Intuitive guidance on how to minimize issues 

Work through the worksheet for faster results 

A protocol to help you feel better in your body 

Support to achieve your well-weight goals


Review challenges & results of the protocol given

Overcome obstacles on any issues that come up

Addt’l get-results protocols to add to the first one

Intuitive guidance will be applied in every session

Clear blocks to help you breakthrough barriers

Same or a different challenge in each session

Please Contact Lisa for packages over 4 sessions or to be coached 1:1 through the entire Leaner Ladies® Mastery Course.

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