This is your Well-Weight-Wisdom: Cut Crappy Carbs!

I feel as though I should be waving a flag that says “Cut Crappy Carbs!” They are the curse to anyone who is trying to live a healthy life and maintain well-weight goals.

Here are ways I minimize my carb intake and the main foods you should stay away from to see better well-weight results! … listen, watch and read more below…

Well-Weight-Wisdom 2-Minute-Tip and More: Cut Crappy Carbs! cont’d…

As a Well-Weight coach, former personal trainer and a Reiki Level 3 practitioner, I can honestly say that I live by my own rules. I speak from my own experience with the intention of helping others to reach and maintain their well-weight goals. One of the areas that makes that difficult is what I call, crappy carbs. See me waving my flag? Oh, and it’s red too!

There has been much discussion about how carbs can be a hindrance to overall good health and inhibit reaching and maintaining weight loss goals. So, it is very important to cut crappy carbs. Yes, we all love them, but it is a love-hate relationship at best.

I happen to be sensitive to carbohydrates especially in copious quantities. I experience water weight gain and eating carbs result in some digestive tract issues that are not pleasant. I have also noticed since entering menopause that eating any type of starchy carbohydrate has a negative effect on me more than it ever did before. It is likely for anyone else who is in menopause may have the same issues. This only complicates the fact that you really shouldn’t be eating them anyway, except for treat days.

Here are the groups of crappy carbs I am suggesting you try to severely limit intake of or stay away from completely.

  • Baked Goods from grains: Breads, Muffins, Cookies and Cereal Bars to name a few
  • Snack Foods: Chips, Pretzels, Corn Products
  • Starchy Foods: Vegetables, Rice, Pastas and Potatoes


When we are watching our weight, or trying to lose weight, we are always told to avoid all the things we grew up loving; the breads, muffins, cookies. Those baked goods that you always craved, especially fresh from the oven! Baked goods use processed grains, enriched grains, refined grains and whole grains. Sounds healthy, but there are hidden dangers in eating too much of a good thing.

I include pretzels here because I consider them a form of bread. I am also including cereal bars in this category. You would think that cereal bars, which you eat at breakfast, are meant to be good for you, right? (I am waving my “Cut Crappy Carbs flag!) Many cereal bars contain a lot of carbs and sugar that you can certainly do without and have very little healthy benefits like protein or vitamins. What they do contain are a lot of sugar and grain carbs. Make healthier choices for breakfast, please.

All flours need to be limited, not just white flour, but those from wheat, rice, and corn. The way your body processes them can result in spiked insulin levels (sugar) and possible uncomfortable side effects. Be wary of processed foods. Too many ingredients might mean additives and other unhealthy things. I encourage you to read package ingredients to know what you are ingesting. If you are eating processed foods, look for those with the minimal number of ingredients. Take care in reading the carbohydrate profile. I would recommend that you try to stay below fifteen grams per serving because ingesting more than that will not be good for you, unless you are planning to exercise to burn the calories, sugar and carbs off.

Overall, I really don’t recommend processed foods, there is no guarantee as to how they were produced, plus carbohydrates raise insulin levels. Carbohydrates convert sugar in your body, which will then need to be metabolized. Carbs can also cause inflammation in your digestive tract, especially if you have gluten sensitivities. You may also experience water weight gain because your body sends fluid to every area it deems as injured (where there is inflammation). The result will be that it prevents you from losing weight and maintaining that loss.

Never fear, though, you can still indulge on your treat days; pick a favorite, even if it is a crappy carb! To learn more about how to stay away from trouble and learn to balance these kind of carbs, visit my weight or coaching page for programs that can help you.


I have already mentioned pretzels, but I would include potato chips and corn chips, and even the healthier blue corn chips. I recommend you only eat these occasionally. I allow myself the organic blue tortilla chips instead of the white corn, as a treat. However, they still cause bloating and if I over indulge, possible weight gain. So, I stay away from these crappy carbs because they make me feel crabby.

If you find that you have over indulged, reset your resolutions to get back on track. I offer “reset button” programs that I take advantage of, especially ones I can start on a Monday after having too many carbs over the weekend. If you need further encouragement, look at my other blog posts for tips and techniques.


Starchy carbs convert into sugar in your body, which is not good for your insulin levels. For those who are diabetic or pre-diabetic, over consumption of carbohydrates in any form can be detrimental to maintaining healthy glucose levels and in reaching and maintaining well-weight goals.

You will think I am crazy when I say that you need to stay away from some vegetables. But it is true. Starchy vegetables such as corn, which I have already mentioned, squashes and sweet potatoes can deliver a hefty dose of carbs. I am not saying you should stay away from these vegetables. What I am saying is that you should limit them.

Let’s not forget potatoes, white, purple, red or whatever color. They contain a lot of starch and thus are crappy carbs. They are good occasionally, but potatoes also raise your insulin levels and can cause water weight gain and prevent you from losing or maintaining well-weight goals. Limit potato carbs to once a week. I eat sweet potatoes once every week or two since they are a root vegetable and do have some good vitamins and minerals, they are sadly still crappy carbs.

I love rice with my sushi but I try not to eat it on its own. Periodically I will use rice flour or brown rice flour in recipes. But I use it sparingly. I don’t bake with it but do use it to thicken sauces.

I also have found that most pastas, even if they’re made from rice or quinoa, are still high in carbohydrates. I am Italian, so this is a bit sacrilegious to say. So instead of indulging in crappy pasta carbs, try substituting spaghetti squash. I do eat rice pasta or brown rice pasta, but I look for those with a higher fiber content and I eat them as a treat, usually on the weekends, but not every weekend.

Sugar is a complete subject on its own. For more on sugar and carbs, visit my blog for additional videos, tips and techniques on how to deal with that.

Cut Crappy Carbs as much as you can. I minimize my carb intake to maintain my well-weight goals. You can do it too by keeping in mind these main foods you should stay away from to see better well-weight results!

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