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Food Prepping is one of my favorite ways to be sure I eat properly during the week.   Getting into the habit of prepping food for ourselves makes it easier to grab and go and eat healthy along the way so the first thing that I recommend for food prepping is to pick your day and… listen, watch and read more below…

Well-Weight-Wisdom Easy Food Prep Steps Continued…

Everyone can prep at least a few items each week to make it easier to eat healthy on the go!

Make your food prep day whichever day you have available.  Many people do it on Sundays because they can take more time to cook or prepare a big meal and then split it out for the rest of the week.  One of the ways I do this on Sundays is I always make chicken baked in the oven.  Then I make a lovely gluten-free, dairy-free gravy to go with it and I’ll roast my vegetables on a big cookie sheet.  I will take the leftovers and make chicken soup with the bones and I will also make chicken salad using dairy free, gluten free mayonnaise. I will even make chicken salad sandwiches for my fiance’ and I’ll put it (and even the veggies) on a salad or in a lettuce wrap the next day because I’m gluten intolerant and don’t eat bread.

As long as you have the chicken prepared you can split it out in two portions for the next couple of days and it does keep very well in the refrigerator for about 3 days.  I would say 4 days max if you have a really good refrigerator and it’s stored properly in a zip-lock baggie with all of the air squeezed out or a press and seal machine which is great for keeping the air out and keeping it fresher longer.

You’re going to have the chicken portions in the refrigerator and then you can put some of it on different salads pre-portioned in bpa free food containers to grab-n-go and take them for lunch all during the week. I know this is something that everybody always wants to do but this week my sister sent me a picture of the colorful salads she made just from cooking chicken and it prompted me to create this vlog.

When you make your chicken soup, you can actually freeze it into portion containers so then you can have chicken soup whenever you want.  I’m not saying you have to eat all that chicken soup during the week because it will be frozen so it will keep a lot longer than that. One of the things I’m famous for doing with leftover chicken & chicken soup is making chicken stew.  I will saute some onions and celery maybe some green peppers and then I’ll put the leftover chicken chunks in.  I’ll add whatever vegetables I want and then I’ll get an all-natural broth or I’ll use the broth that I made for my chicken soup and thicken it with just a little bit of rice flour then season it to my taste. So some of the meals I make with leftover chicken are:

  • Chicken on various salad greens with veggies
  • Chicken soup & chicken-veggie stews
  • Chicken tacos or chicken lettuce wraps
  • Chicken stir-fry it with some fresh vegetables

I know this sounds like all the prep is centered around chicken but it’s such an easy thing to do on Sundays if you’re going to make dinner anyway.  I suppose you could do this with any other meat meal that you’re making such as beef or pork too.  Fish (such as salmon or talapia) might be different because it will only keep about 2 days in the refrigerator.  You can use the leftover for fish tacos, on fish lettuce wraps or even just as a protein on your salad.

I also have been known to make vegetarian dishes for Sunday dinner and then I’ll just take whatever I made like a stir-fry and I’ll put it on my salads the next day because I think everything tastes good on salad!   I’m famous for turning my dinners into next day’s lunch and even next day’s dinner!  It’s so easy when you’ve already pre-portioned leftovers and they’re ready to go in food containers to make it a lot easier to eat healthy and on the go.

If you just want to prep the items that you’re going to need or use to make your meals for the week then make sure that you have enough of the ingredients pre-prepped going into the week.  You’ll still have to pick your prep day whether it’s Saturday or Sunday and you still have got to get everything prepped into quick or grab-n-go form ahead of time.  The vegetables that I like to keep on hand are easy to prep and portion are celery, carrots or any other crunchy veggie.  I find cucumber and the green peppers tend to get a little mushy especially if you do put them in ziplock baggies and you do not use them right away so if you’re going to prep something like that then make sure that you eat it by the next day. You can use the veggies on your salad the next day or to dip in hummus.  I like to make homemade hummus which I have on my recipe index for all of my More Mentoring and Leaner Ladies™ Lifestyle members.

I also recommend having to go snacks on hand like:

  • Pre-washed organic apples wrapped in a paper towel ready to go and just pull out a refrigerator a
  • Low-fat string cheese – If you can tolerate dairy products
  • Little baggies of nuts – almonds, walnuts, pistachios, cashews
  • Seed mix – pre-prep your sunflower seeds with organic sulfate-free raisins and make a little trail mix

All of the above are just easy things that are going to be available so you can grab and go and you’re not grabbing the wrong things on the way out the door!  I like to take some of my snack packs with me and I keep one in my gym bag just long with a protein bar.  I’m not fond of most bars, but you want to find one that works for you that has minimal 15 grams of protein in it and lower carbohydrates. s

So… Don’t forget the prep step this week and let me know how and what you do!

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