Well-Weight-Wisdom Tip on Harmful Food Additives

I want to talk to you a little bit about harmful food additives, those chemicals in our foods and how they affect us. One of the main things I ask all of my clients to do is to read every label of every food that you purchase. If you see a preservative or an ingredient that you can’t pronounce, stay away from it!

I am serious about this! There have been times when I have not checked labels, especially when I am traveling, and accidentally ingested a food with a preservative called polyphosphate in it… Tuna. I don’t love canned seafood, but it is great to put on your salad or a way to get extra protein when you don’t have anything fresh available… HOWEVER…Other ingredients are beginning to show up in canned goods such as canned tuna, vegetables or beans. If you buy food in any form of packaging, especially canned goods, you must double-check and read the label to ensure that it is not loaded with additives & preservatives.  Fill in the form and I’ll e-mail you the list of harmful additives I put together for myself:

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Harmful Food Additives cont’d…

These additives wreak havoc on your body, causing immediate or long-term health issues. In fact, it is not doubt contributing to and impeding your weight-loss abilities.  By avoiding these chemicals and preservatives, you can avoid possible side effects. A lot of these preservatives cause reactions… sometimes immediate, sometimes delayed. This can include water retention, weight gain, pain, inflammation and even allergic responses which are very dangerous.

When I ingest any of the common food additives, I get blisters on my tongue and my throat and my glands and neck swell. I get really tired, retain fluid, ache all over and my whole system is thrown out of balance. You may experience some of these things on a daily basis and not realize that it’s the preservatives in your food that are causing many of your symptoms.  At the very least, consuming these chemicals and preservatives may be exaggerating conditions that you already have. I highly recommend you avoid them at all cost!

Many people and a lot of my clients often tell me, “Oh I eat healthy,” “I stay away from this or that, but nothing works.” Well I guarantee that if I went into the kitchens of any of those people, looked into cabinets, refrigerators or freezers, and read some of the labels, I’m confident I would find preservatives, additives and ingredients that you should not be ingesting on a daily basis!  You can get my list of the additives I stay away from e-mailed to you (so you can begin avoiding them) by filling in the form below:

There are better options and alternatives to the packaged or canned goods that you buy that do not contain these additives. Eat as many whole foods as possible, but if you do buy any canned goods such as fish, beans or vegetables you will discover that 50% or more of the companies are now putting preservatives or ingredients to retain color or freshness (like a canned food is fresh… lol) so try to buy the organic or no-additive versions if you can.

Even if you can’t buy organic 100% all the time, you should check what they are adding to processed foods and canned goods you’re buying and avoid those with additives. If you have a choice between buying food with ingredients you don’t know or can’t pronounce or the organic version that contains nothing except the food, water and salt, go with the organic… even if it costs a little bit more.  The additional 20-40 cents is going to be worth it in the long run and it will help your health, so don’t be cheap.

Consuming the preservatives and chemicals will prevent you from losing weight. They cause inflammation in your body and you all know I’ve talked often and loud about inflammation. Check out my previous blog videos about inflammation and how it wreaks havoc on your body and your joints….  IS INFLAMMATION THE NEW BODY FAT and INFLAMMATORY FOODS TO AVOID.

Staying away from food additives will help you to feel better in your body. Guaranteed! If you are anything like me and many of you are, the minute I eat something that has any of those additives in it, I pay the price. I’m your canary in the coalmine and I am here to tell you that if it affects me it is probably going to affect you as well in the long run. If you have any issues or health concerns now, you will probably feel worse. If you’re not having an immediate reaction, but you’re wondering why you feel fatigued or are not feeling well it may be because of the preservatives and additives. If you suspect your food contains these things, stay away from them. Read the labels. Buy organic when you can and  be more aware of where your food comes from, where it was grown, when it was processed and packaged. By being more aware of whether the foods you eat have chemicals, preservatives or additives, you will begin to notice a difference.

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I look forward to helping you feel better in your body so you can be better in your life.

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