Wellness Tip – How to Worry Well… 

Worrying well might seem almost impossible. especially if you are a Type A personality such as myself.  My advice on the subject is to turn your worry into something more productive so it doesn’t wreck your well being.  If you have many worried thoughts in your head, get them out of there!  Write down your main worry and all (positive or negative) thoughts about it on a piece of paper.  Then split the paper down the middle.  On the left side, write a few things you can control about the worry.  On the right side, write what you can’t control about it.  Do this separately for each main worry you have.

Once you have your worry in writing, focus on what you can do today and come up with a plan to take some baby action steps!  This may sound simple, but it’s really important that you take immediate positive actions to feel more in control of a situation!  If you’d like to dive a little deeper into creating a personalized action plan for yourself, you can take part in or watch the replay of the workshop on How to Worry Well (and other training sessions) in my LADIES’ WELLNESS CLUB.

In the mean time, take the actions that you can to be productive and solve some of the problems surrounding the worry!

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How to Worry Well cont’d…

Next… Let’s rationalize a bit! There are always things we can do to improve a situation.  In the example of a health crisis (like the COVID-19 pandemic) there are quite a few guidelines we can all follow to lower the chances of getting sick or build up our immunity to be able to fight the dis-ease!   There might also be positive things that could come from the situation we are worrying about so try to think of what might be “good” about what is happening.  Write down the positives!

Take time to think about things in a more loving way. Don’t be too busy to notice the good… Slow down and pull in a bit… to self reflect.  What are your abilities and what can you do to help yourself and others through the situation?  There are always new innovations and great ideas that come out of a crisis so try to be a part of them in some way.

You can also reach out to friends, family, health practitioners, coaches, mentors and therapists for support in working through your worries.  As a certified wellness coach, I’m always thinking about how I can worry well, but I’m not perfect.  I still have thoughts in my head that try to get the best of me, but I ground them down, get them out on paper and create an action plan!  I hope this method helps you as well!

There will be a workshop on this in my LADIES’ WELLNESS CLUB so head on over there to join us!  I’ll be going through the exercise in this video blog and will expand upon it.  I’ll also try to help you release some of the fears you have.  I’ll give those who would like to receive Reiki and will also teach you how to work with and through your own energies so you can (hopefully) feel more at ease and calmer in a crisis!

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