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It’s difficult to avoid getting sick during cold and flu season, but if you practice a few healthy hygiene habits and boost your immune system, you have a better chance of shortening the duration of whatever you do catch!  At the time I am writing this, our nation is in the middle of a Novel (new) Coronavirus outbreak and the CDC has recommended several actions for everyone to take to keep from getting it and hopefully slowing the spread of it.  In this Video Post, I go over the action steps the CDC and NIH are telling us to take along with a few of my own suggestions for you to try.

I also give you several immune boosting vitamins, minerals and herbs I feel are crucial for overall health and wellness even if there is no apparent viral or bacterial threat to the population.  I am a big proponent of taking supplements from a reputable source on a daily basis to off-set the lack of nutrients currently found in the American diet due to poor eating habits and soil depletion.  I personally follow all of the steps outlined in this mini-training video and worksheet, however, I do not intend for them to be a total preventative, remedy, cure or absolute solution for any dis-ease or condition.

Please check with your own doctor before trying the recommendations mentioned and seek medical assistance and advisement as soon as possible f you believe you have symptoms of any illness or may be coming down with something.

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In the video and on the worksheet above, I go into the details of practicing health hygiene and how to give your immune system a boost so be sure to watch and fill in the form to get the download.  The PDF contains a detailed list of the healthy hygiene habits on one page and a list of the immune boosters on the other which are easy to print out and should be put where you can refer back to them as needed.  

The most recommended hygiene action step is to make sure you are washing your hands with soap and water – frequently!  Details of how and when are in the video and on the worksheet, but this basic and simple action can go a long way in preventing the spreading of viruses, bacteria and other germs.  I also cover (in detail) how and why to clean and disinfect surfaces as well as several suggestions on how to avoid touching your face! 

A few other health hygiene habits include why gloves and paper towels are good for more than just cleaning and the scoop on when it is appropriate to wear a mask and how they can help in certain situations, but not all.  Rounding off the list is how to distance yourself from those infected without running in the other direction and when to sound the alarm without panicking!

On the Immune Boosters worksheet page and in the video, I go over how and why to increase your daily C, Zinc and B vitamin intake. Taking extra doses of these, along with a really good multiple vitamin are almost a necessity nowadays due to many reasons discussed in the video. I also list herbals such as Elderberry and Echinacea which studies are showing really do help boost immunity and may shorted the duration of colds and flu!  Please remember to check with your doctor before trying any of the vitamins and herbs listed and try to stay safe and healthy as much as possible!

Some of the information in this post, video and on the worksheet was taken from the CDC at www.cdc.gov and I do highly recommend you visit their website to stay informed on the latest and most accurate and up to date information.

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