This is your Well-Weight-Wisdom: inflammatory Foods to Avoid

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Because the subject of Inflammation is VERY important, this is a reiteration of a previous post on Inflammation being “The new body fat”.  After suffering many years of thyroid and hormonal problems coupled with inflammation and weight gain, I came up with a plan to help my body heal and would like to share how I did/do it with as many other women as possible!

To help heal my body I had to determine what inflammatory foods to avoid. In doing so, I found the top 10 inflammation foods that aggravate my system and cause inflammation along with weight gain and health conditions.  While everyone’s body is a bit different, I do believe that women going through hormonal changes should avoid a handful of the same foods to see if they feel better.  You can then add a few of your own to the list as you discover them… or… if you are 100% sure an item on my list is not causing inflammation in your body, then by all means feel free to eat it… just be sure it is organic and not genetically modified  – that’s a whole other blog post!

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Inflammatory Foods to Avoid cont’d…

The top inflammatory food groups I looked at include many genetically modified foods or those sprayed heavily with pesticides and that alone can be a huge health risk factor.  This lethal combination has been known to disrupt hormones and is now being linked to thyroid and other cancers.   I know it is difficult to discover and stay away foods that may be causing inflammation in your system, but an easy way to begin is:

  • Choose to cut out 1 per week and see how you feel
  • If you feel better cutting out one then cut another
  • You can try to reintroduce each one at a time
  • Reintroduction should be at least 2 weeks after cutting it from your meals

Explore by removing, over the course of 4-6 weeks, different foods to see if you have an improvement in how you feel physically and mentally. Ask yourself, how do I feel? If you feel better, then you may need to eliminate that food from future meals.  Let me send you my list so you can get started right away…

I can honestly tell you that if I reintroduce any of the foods on my list, I feel bloated, retain water, get achy and feel the inflammation in various parts of my body. Even when I allow myself to eat one on my treat day, I pay the price! You can counteract weight gain and feel better in your body if you cut most of what I avoid and any others you don’t tolerate well.

The reaction to intolerance of any of these food groups can cause inflammation and I have previously talked about inflammation being the new body fat. It bears repeating, so head over to that post  to for more info on how to discover inflammatory foods to avoid.

I look forward to helping you feel better in your body so you can be better in your life.

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