Well-Weight-Wise Tip on Losing Weight Intuitively

In order to succeed in reaching your well-weight goals, you must tap into your own intuition and decide what is best for you each day when it comes to your health.  Once you learn to use this guidance system, t’ll get easier for you to feel better in your body so you can be better in your life!

I use intuitive techniques and tools every day in my life.  Every program that I put together is based on or has some component of intuition that has helped me for over 30 years and served as reliable guidance in my health and wellness journey.

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Lose Weight Intuitively cont’d…

When you tap in and hear an answer to a question about what the best choice in a situation is for you, it doesn’t mean you have to follow it exactly, but the tapping in gives you answers and feelings will come up around those answers so you can use them to discern what is going to be best for you.

It’s actually an easy thing to do once you learn how and there are several different methods that (I) you can use.  I go over a few ways in my Intuitive Wisdom Coaching Session which you can find at ww.lisampepe.com/wisdom.  I do offer a 20% off discount to those who have purchased any of my other programs, but if you haven’t purchased yet, I’d be happy to send you the code.  Just email me or submit the form on my CONTACT page and I’ll send you the discount code.

Intuition involves using the signals in and around our body.  These signals can be from our stomach to our minds or from our energy field to our gut or to our solar plexus or any of the chakra systems in our bodies.  Even if you don’t believe in the energy concepts, I’m sure that you have felt little pings, a gut wrenching feeling or you’ve actually sensed something that you thought you knew and it turned out to be true.  You’ve probably were in situations where you knew the best thing to do and you decided not to do it and then things didn’t turn out so well so you ended up with what I like to call retro-regret because you didn’t follow that instinct.  We all have, but trusting our intuitive wisdom can help.

We’re all born with intuitive instinct and the innate ability to pick up on signals that can guide us towards what’s right or best for our health and wellness.  This all ties in with wellness and weight loss because reaching your well-weight is a whole body experience and not about going on and off diets!  I

I can’t tell you how it makes me cringe when I hear people say:

I went off my diet and gained the weight back
I’m going back on my diet to lose the weight I gained back
I’m trying this new diet because nothing else worked
I’m going to do paleo or I’m gonna do keto (and eat very unhealthy foods because they’re low carb)
I’m going to do ultra low carb (and continue to eat very unhealthy foods because they’re low carb)

If you have ever uttered any of the above then please know that to prevent having to go on and off extreme diets, you must learn to tap into your intuition.  Your body is trying to tell you something and you really should listen to it!  Whatever is going on inside of you could be preventing you from reaching your true healthy weight… or… perhaps you might get there, but it may prevent you from maintaining your ideal well-weight without reverting to extreme measures!

I don’t like to even think about being on or off any type of a diet so in many of my programs, I included a few intuitive techniques that I use to avoid dieting or depriving myself.  They are also based on my 30+ years of well-weight-wise experience along with other scientifically proven methods of eating and body movement as well as discovering what you are sensitive to and taking a look at what’s in your environment that may be harmful.   This will enable you to get the entire puzzle together for yourself which is crucial to your success! In my experience, there are a usually few pieces missing in most weight loss programs causing many to go on and off of diets.  They may work to help you lose weight temporarily, but you can never stay on them because there’s something else going on inside of you or there’s something else your body needs or doesn’t need (or doesn’t want) and the only way to figure this out is to tap in to your own intuitive nature… with a little help from my easy methods!

As humans (especially women), we know things (and we know we know things), but  we don’t always listen to them. I’ve been tapping into my intuition most of my life and I used to be teased about it as a child. I always knew some things that my friends claim that I didn’t and then they would come true.  I would usually suspect something and tell them what I thought, but they’d just say it wasn’t true only to eventually realize I did know and tell me I was right.  It was not about being right for me – It was a wanting to help others and prevent harmful things from happening.  I can teach you how to listen and better understand your own intuition so you can filter it and know what’s truly yours or something else you’re picking up on.

One of the reasons I decided to channel it into wellness and weight loss in my Leaner Ladies™ programs on my Weight page is because in my 30s & 40’s I went through a few health crisis’s.  Please listen and read more on the ABOUT LISA  page of my website and you’ll see that I went through bouts of gaining weight during several stages of my life with the big one being what I call “hormonal hell” that occurred shortly after I turned 40 years old.  It caused so many health issues that the Doctors didn’t know what was happening to my body and neither did I until I tapped into my internal guidance system. It helped me figure out what was wrong and why I was so off balance so I could get my body back on a healthy track and reach my ideal well-weight once again without dieting.  After this time, I began using it more and more for healthy guidance and I realized it had to be a part of my Leaner Ladies™ program.

I usually use one to five minute methods and they don’t take very long once you learn and practice them.  They give you the ability to tap in any time you’d like because you have it in you and at your disposal at all times.  There are always things going on in each of us such as hormonal changes, depression, feeling really down or sad about something, fatigue,  loneliness, body image, weight issues, self-esteem, aches, pains and even dis-ease (a disorder of structure or function of the body) in some way shape or form.   We must tap into these things to figure out what  our best move or our best next step is even if it’s just  to get us a little bit healthier or help us lose weight and not have to worry about going on and off diets.

While there are certain things about every single diet out there that will definitely work, my goal and want for you is to always have the solid foundation of knowing that you can depend on yourself no matter what and when times get tough!  When you’re sitting at home alone at midnight craving ice cream or cake or you’re wondering why you’ve failed at something (a diet) and all of a sudden you’re miserable and it’s causing you emotional trauma.  If you tap in and understand what is going on inside yourself by using your innate ability, you can discern what’s best for you and adjust your actions to be more in alignment with your goals.

You are your own best friend and your higher-self usually knows exactly what’s best for you!  It will work even if you don’t follow it 100% because it will still help to keep you on a path that’s better for you than if you don’t tap in.  You may veer off of the path a bit, but it’s like your compass and if you just tap in again, it will get you back on track.

I will be happy to teach you how to use the same techniques and methods I use to pick up on the signals and mix them in with doable action steps to figure out your next best step and make better decisions for yourself every day, but in the mean time start with this beginners exercise to warm you up:

STEP #1 – Think about whatever it is that you’re deciding on or something you’re not feeling right about.   
STEP #2 – Ask yourself what is your next best step and then write down what immediately comes to you.

I guarantee you once you start to learn different methods for different situations, you’ll hear the answers.  They might not be the answers you want, but they will be good for you because that intuitive guidance system is not going to steer you wrong very often.  It’s like a muscle… you have to exercise it to build it up… especially in the areas you need it most.  I’d love to help you do this so contact me for a discount on a one-on-one intuitive coaching session then go to www.lisampepe.com/wisdom to register.

I will e-mail you to schedule your session and during our time together, we can walk through one of your challenges and I can teach you a few different methods so you can decide which one is best for you.  I’ll also take you through a 1-minute meditation you can use anytime you’re feeling anxious about something you really need to find the answer to.  You can also use it any time you want some guidance or don’t want to feel so alone and would like to feel more tapped in to your intuitive self .

I’d love to work with you but even if you choose not to take me up on my offer,  just know that you have intuitive wisdom within you to help you reach all of your well-weight goals!  This is a whole body experience that is easier when you tap into your innate wisdom to help you stay on track!  You can also start with my free Well-Weight-Wise audio training and Action-Step download on my home page at www.lisampepe.com  and I’ll send you a wellness weight and wisdom training series with actionable download along with the discount codes for all my other programs and coaching.

Feel Better in Your Body so you can Be Better in Your Life… Business… All You Do!

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