Clear your head & cleanse your body!

Every year we make resolutions and begin programs that we just don’t complete!  This year I want that to be different for you!  To do this, you must take the time to tune into what it is your really want to achieve, shift your thinking, clear the negative energies and align your physical self.  I call it a mind & body detox!

It’s not enough to just want something to change!  You have to make way for it by clearing out the clutter that may get in the way of taking the actions that will get you there.  This can include mental and physical “junk” that can wreak havoc on your best laid plans and ability to move forward fearlessly.  No matter what you resolve to do, you must create a path that will be easy to follow and know how to keep your focus on the prize. Let’s get started…


Let’s begin clearing the way…

The best way to begin clearing your mind is to meditate a bit! You don’t have to sit like a yogi or chant mantras, but you do have to take a few minutes to tune into where your head is on the change you want to achieve and sort any negative thoughts that come up for you.  Take five minutes to sit calmly, breathe deeply and see what appears around the energy of your goal.  You may experience some negative or insecure thoughts and feelings.  Not to worry… you can overcome them!

Take time after your mini-meditation to write down your thoughts! By doing this, you can begin to sort through that clutter I spoke about earlier and clear some of it out so it doesn’t get in the way of succeeding with the change or goal you are setting for yourself.  It’s very important that you acknowledge bad or fearful thoughts, but take steps to keep them from interfering.  First, make note of things you can do to get over them and, Second, put them into a compartment so they don’t sabotage your efforts.  I like to give them the once-over with rationalization that they aren’t the only reality in the situation and that I am the creator in my life.  Ask yourself if it serves you well and if you feel good in its presence.  If not, put it in its place!  Once you’ve moved it aside, do prepare for it to creep back in…

You can easily prep for the inevitable return of self-sabotaging energies by revisiting your notes on how you got over them or compartmentalized them in the first place.  You can also keep negative thoughts from ruining your plan by reminding yourself of the positives that you will experience by achieving your goal and writing them down next to the negatives.  And by doing a body detox as well…

To make a change stick, your body needs a cleanse of sorts too! You can’t be at the top of your game if you feel like crap… and negative thoughts can take over more easily if you’re in a weakened state.  I know how discomforts in my body can cause me to lose focus and may prevent me from taking actions towards the change or goal I want to achieve.  In order to minimize them you have to keep the machine (aka your body) in good shape.  It’s your body-machine that will be taking the actions to get you where you are going… it houses the mind you just cleared… and it’s your energy transmitter and receiver… so do what you can to keep it tuned up!

All you need is a gentle detox to clear your body so it can work with you! I take this part pretty seriously as you may have noticed in my other posts, podcasts and videos, but you don’t have to do it all at once.  I always suggest beginning with something as simple as daily gentle yoga stretches which can increase circulation and help your natural detox systems do their job!  Eating clean a few days a week can also help you gently cleanse and feel less bloated.  The lighter you are on your feet, the better you will feel in your body.  I teach these and other well-weight techniques in my Leaner Ladies Lifestyle Mastery course and coaching. 

Don’t feel overwhelmed by the thought of clearing your mind and cleansing your body!  I can help you with all of this and much more in my private More Mentoring group!  Each week I’ll take you through guided mini-meditations and clearing exercises as well as simple ways you can detox your body.  I run challenges (such as the Mind & Body detox) and give you all of my best tips, tricks and techniques for reaching your well-weight and other goals in your life.  Join me in fun activities to help you tune into your body and I’ll even be doing intuitive readings on selected members each week so be sure to become a part of the group!

If you’d like a simple program you can do on your own, my DIY Gentle Detox Protocol is a 5-Day cleanse you can do whenever you feel you need it and you can even do only 3 days of it to get results.  The best part about it is you can incorporate any or all of the steps into your every day life to keep your body tuned up!  For those who balk at the idea of a detox, I assure you this requires no potions or pills and you can my Gentle Detox can be done easily with what you have on hand in your home already… The main ingredient is YOU!

You can’t do it alone and you don’t have to!  Just go to to learn more and register to take part in the fun group events each week!  

Looking forward to seeing you there! Contact me any time if you have questions or need help!

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