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Why does everyone talk about losing weight when all they have to do is get their body back to its natural state of wellness and their weight will stabilize.  It’s not all about weight loss but it is about well-weight! I put together my Leaner Ladies™ programs out of my own experiences with a lot of hormonal imbalances and chronic conditions that led to a lot of pain and discomfort.  I put all that I discovered along the way into the Leaner Ladies™ Lifestyle program and smaller programs at www.lisampepe.com/weight.  On that page, you’ll see how I broke my large program into the Gentle Detox Protocol the Two Week Transform Program and the Weight Loss Freedom Formula with an emphasis on wellness so it’s not all about weight loss.

Weight loss will come when you follow the tips I give you… Learn why by reading and watching more more below…

It’s NOT All About Weight Loss cont’d…

If you follow all the tips that I give you and everything that’s in my programs, you will see weight loss results, but what I really aim to do is to help you feel better in your body first because as I always say when you don’t feel good in your body you can’t be good out of your body!  In other words, you can’t be good out in the world, in your life, in your business or with anything that you do because you just won’t have the energy and the stamina to get it all done

Certain conditions are exasperated by weight gain or being above and beyond your ideal body weight so when I talk about well-weight, what I really mean is your ideal body weight.  That does not mean a size 2, rather, it always means the size that’s right for you!   I want you to be healthy and feel better, then the weight loss will follow.  I want you to feel sexy and fit into your favorite clothes so you can go out to events and feel confident.  I’m not saying that anyone who weighs more than their ideal body weight is not confident, but I can tell you that by losing some of the weight, you will definitely feel lighter on your feet and just have more energy and that in turn will make you a little bit more outgoing.  It will help you feel better in everything you do and you’ll want to do so much more!

It has never been all about weight loss for me.  It has always been about feeling better and getting healthy.  Balancing your hormones and preventing or reversing bloating and inflammation are most important.  If you do that, you will naturally lose weight along the way.

I don’t believe in dieting! I am NOT a fad dieter! I will not keto, I will not paleo, I will not low-carb in an extreme way that leaves you wanting and craving and never able to have your treat foods again!

Once you get your body back to its healthy well-weight you won’t want bad-for-you food anyway as it will probably create very uncomfortable symptoms.  You will not crave them and your treat foods may become something that you actually don’t even like.  I’ve been down the path and for the past 10 years I’ve dedicated my life to putting together the programs that I know are going to help others do what I did.  To reverse some of the symptoms that they’ve had from chronic illnesses such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, undiagnosed illnesses, thyroid issues, hormone imbalances and low energy in general.  Many have inflammation and are experiencing a lot of aches and pains that can show up as digestive and joint problems.  This is all being caused by the foods that we eat and things in our environment such as chemicals, additives, genetically modified foods and other toxins that are going into our bodies are harming us!  We can only handle so much of them and the load that has been put on us these days is just too much!

To get started taking control of your health get my free Well-Weight-Wise audio series.  There are 3  five-minute audios and a free Action-Step download about wellness, weight and bringing it all together with a little bit of wisdom.  I put that together to help you jumpstart your well-weight and start thinking about some things that you can do for yourself to begin to feel better right away.  The training will help you reverse some of the effects of the things you’re eating, chemicals in the environment and a few other things that may be keeping you from reaching your well weight goals.

So… fill in the form on the upper-right side of this page to become a part of my community.  You will receive the free 3-part audio series plus an action step download and you’ll get an invitation to my closed Leaner Ladies™ Facebook group that’ll get you started.

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I’ve always led a healthy lifestyle while allowing myself treat days.  I’ve even fallen off the wagon a bit on vacations but I learned how to get right back on and stopped weight gain before it got out of hand.  Things did change a bit when I turned 40 and went through a hormonal breakdown where my body felt like it was falling apart (see my video on the About Me page of this my website), but even then, I was not going to listen to the status quo because I knew my weight gain was caused by something.  Turns out it was caused by health issues and a few imbalances that were going on inside my body and the minute I straightened out those issues, I began to feel better and I lost the weight.

It’s very very important that you take the steps to get healthy on the inside and then you’ll see the weight loss on the outside.  You have to heal your digestive tract, balance your hormones, reverse inflammation and you’ve got to be extra extra diligent about it nowadays because a lot of the foods and the things in our environment are not helping the situation.  They are actually making it worse so you MUST heal from the inside to get healthy on the outside!

There are also spiritual and mental connections that affect your ability to reaching your well-weight, but I’m not going to go in depth about that here.  You can go to my Wisdom page for resources and an audio to help you in that area.   I will be creating another video about wisdom and tuning & tapping in to your higher self so you can actually know what’s best for you on what’s not.  Just clearing the clutter out of the way and clearing all of the fog can actually pave the way for you to listen and hear what is good and best for you.  I know a lot of us do hear it but do we really listen to it?   I touch on it in my Free Well-Weight-Wise audio training with a 2-minute guided process to get you started .

If you at least start doing a few things to make sure that you’re setting yourself up for success, you’re going to be able to reach all of your well weight goals and I promise you you’ll be able to maintain them without a lot of struggle.   I don’t want you on and off diets!  I want you to stick to a lifestyle that makes you happy healthy and feel better in your body so you can be better in your life and your business and in whatever you do.

Please share this with others whom you think would benefit and feel free to comment below this video if you have any questions or if you’d like for me to do an episode or special training on any topic that you’re especially interested in.   I’m looking forward to seeing you in my FREE Leaner Ladies™ group so please opt to receive the free training!

Either way, remember it’s not about the weight loss…  it’s about the well-weight and getting yourself healthy first and then the weight loss will follow!  The things that I teach always lead to weight loss and can even lead to weight loss very quickly if you take action

I look forward to helping you feel better in your body so you can be better in your life.

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