Well-Weight-Wisdom: Organized Well-Weight Success

Every spring I schedule and take time to organize for well-weight success. I make this an annual activity, though I do work at it on an ongoing basis too. When I organize for well-weight success, it makes it easier to reach my well-weight goals.  I usually focus on three areas:

  • My Closet
  • The Refrigerator
  • My Health Station

You might have additional areas you want to organize for well-weight success, but for me, these areas are crucial to making my life easier when it comes to my well weight plans and goals.  The following might help you organize for your own wellness and well-weight success….

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Organized Well-Weight Success, cont’d…

The Closet – Set aside a special location in your closet or bedroom dresser for your gym clothes.  No matter what you wear to the gym, capris, pants, tank tops, shorts, etc., organize it for easy and fast access. The goal is to be able to just grab it and put it on and go. I separate my tops on one shelf, my gym bottoms on another.  I even sort each style into separate stacks. That makes three stacks each on two different shelves. I grab and go based on the weather. Long pants and long sleeve shirt for chilly days. Capris and a short sleeve shirt or a tank top on hot days.  When you organize for well-weight success, your workout/exercise/gym clothing is easy-to-access and ready to grab and go. You will have no excuse to say that you can’t find something when you need to get ready to get dressed to do your workout.

The Refrigerator – Sounds kind of crazy, but a little effort ahead of time will make the world of difference in creating healthy meals fast. How many times have you ended up with a quick meal that really isn’t on your well-weight plan? We all have, more than once. Organizing your refrigerator will help you stay on track and possibly reduce wastage (or waistage!).  I prep vegetables such as celery, peppers and carrots ahead of time (cut for snacking or chopped for cooking).  Keep everything in containers except your lettuces, kale and (organic) spinach for salads. Here is a little trick for keeping salad greens fresh… Use a salad spinner!  Put the greens in, soak a little bit, then spin it and store it in the refrigerator with the greens in it.

Don’t forget to also organize your fruit drawer.  It is important to keep fruits and vegetables separate because they give off an odorless, but harmless and tasteless gas called ethylene after they’re picked and it’s this gas that speeds up how fast they ripen (or spoil).  I found it was very difficult to keep fruit, especially organic fruit, from spoiling, so I divided my fruit drawer with two separate plastic containers. Then to help keep the fruit fresh, I place a “gas-off” packet that absorbs the excess ethylene gas and extends the life and freshness of my fruits and vegetables. These can be found on Amazon by searching for fruit and veggie drawer packets.

Now that fruits and veggies are organized for well-weight success, don’t forget that you can also apply this to proteins, like chicken or other precooked meats, separated from the fruits and veggies, of course.

The truth is that I don’t like to cook and I don’t like to spend a lot of time cooking but I do eat very healthy and I succeed by staying organized, even in my freezer!  I have plenty of chicken and fish stacked up in a small bin and frozen berries and banana pieces (1/3 to 1/2 of a banana in a zipped bag or plastic container) ready to go for my protein shake. I also have frozen organic spinach, collards and kale that I put that into my shakes. Don’t just throw stuff in your freezer because you’ll never find it and many things will end up with freezer burn.

Your Health Station – Set up your own health station. I have a section of the kitchen and counter devoted to my well-weight preparation. There I have a dedicated cabinet where I keep my protein shake preparation items. I also have my supplements and vitamins handy so that I don’t forget to take them daily.  To get ready to prepare my protein shakes, I organize for well-weight success by putting protein powder, flax, psyllium and other powders in 5×5 containers with a lid and scoop. Organizing ahead of time allows me to quickly select what I want in my shake.  All this is stored above my NutriBullet, which lives in this part of my health station in the kitchen. Everything is very neat and organized and very easy to reach. It is easy to move back and forth to the fridge or the freezer to grab what I need to put in my shake.

Because I make it easy for myself, organizing ahead of time in my closet, refrigerator and health station, it’s fast and simple to make my shake, grab my gym clothes and get moving.  When I get home, I can put together a quick meal by grabbing leftover chicken I cooked the night before and tossing it in a salad with the vegetables that are prepped and ready to go. Later, I’ve got snacks ready because I spent time pre-cutting veggies, making trail mixes and cleaning my fruit.  When you organize for well-weight success, it means you are making it easier to reach and maintain your well weight goals so be sure to keep all you need to succeed at your fingertips!

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