This is your Well-Weight-Wisdom: The Pain of the Gain

Not taking care to maintain a healthy well-weight can lead to serious health issues and the pain of the gain. Not exercising enough or at all and bad eating habits can contribute to the pain of the gain. When you gain weight, it causes pain to your body physically and mentally. This pain can be a result of water weight, bloating, which can cause inflammation and low-level pain.

Not maintaining your healthy body well-weight can invite or exasperate health conditions. Let me tell you more about how you can lessen the gain to lessen the pain…. listen, watch and read more below…

Well-Weight-Wisdom 2-Minute-Tip and More on Pain of the Gain cont’d…

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There are, of course, different levels of pain we all experience at some point in our life. However, weight gain can exasperate any health conditions you might already be experiencing. Long term weight gain can also inflict or trigger new conditions including arthritis, cardiovascular, digestive and diabetes. Taking control of the weight gain can help you control the pain.

What is within our control can minimize the impact of the pain of the gain. Reducing the impact of weight gain will influence the impact of the increased pain from the added weight. We need to work a little harder to control the things we can control, like the amount of exercise we schedule, the quantity and types of food we consume and exposure to environmental influences. This might mean starting or increasing your exercise program. Changing what you eat and how much you eat will also help, being careful to not consume too many processed foods or even genetically modified foods.

Whatever stage you are at on your well-weight journey, the more you lessen the gain, the more you lessen the pain.

Upon reflection and in battling my own weight gain, all this happens in various stages (go here to read more about my story and watch the video). The first stage involves the impact, the second involves the adjustment to and the treatment of that weight gain.


First there is the bloat from water retention. This left me feeling uncomfortable. It was painful for me to carry that extra weight. I began to experience low level joint pain (inflammation) as my body adjusted to carrying a heavier load. Along with an inflamed digestive tract, the weight just stuck. By this time, I was also dealing with thyroid issues.

Thyroid issues are known to present with weight gain if diagnosed with hypothyroidism (which was me) or weight loss with hyperthyroidism. For me, it also came with body pain and a possible diagnosis of fibromyalgia. Find out more about my journey on my About page and how I battled to overcome and return to my well-weight.

In addition to the initial impact of the weight gain, I felt mental pain. An anguish from not feeling my best. I did not like the way I looked or felt. Along with not feeling physically well, I had to deal with the emotions of how I felt when I looked at myself because my clothes no longer fit.


Then I entered stage two, as I now refer to it. Full blown weight gain. I could not seem to get rid of that water weight, which led to a higher rate of fat storage because my body wanted to store energy to fight the crisis it was waging. This is when I seriously began to gain weight. I now was beyond a 20-pound weight gain. As a side note, this is a red flag for self-care and getting yourself to your physician to diagnose any problems that might be causing the weight to remain that cannot be combated by additional exercise and micromanaging your food intake.

At this stage, because the weight was not coming off, I was having breathing problems; I was constantly out of breath. My performance declined. I couldn’t accomplish as much as I used to nor did I feel I had the energy to get things done. Experiencing the discomfort of my skin stretching to accommodate the additional weight was subtle but still painful.

Then there was the fact I was not fitting into my clothing. Not only did that cause mental anguish but the result of forcing the closing of my waistband caused pinching and red welts from the extended pressure was agonizing, not to mention that it caused pressure to my internal organs. My body was struggling to carry a load it wasn’t meant to and my muscles and ligaments also struggled resulting in additional pain.

Does this sound familiar to anyone who has gained weight? It doesn’t have to be that way. For anyone who has gained weight and had difficulty getting rid of it, your body adjusting to the new “norm” only results in physical and mental pain. As difficult as it might be, we should work harder and commit to moving our body and paying closer attention to what and how much we consume. I worked with my health professionals, but because I was beyond the initial water weight gain and inflammation, I was also determined to figure out how to reverse what was happening.

Being successful in reaching or returning to a well-weight means making changes to the ways you used to be able to control any weight gain or loss. It means that we must do what it takes to regain our well-weight beyond the 10-15 pounds gained that wreaks havoc, causing health conditions. We will all have those times when we splurge one too many times or neglect to incorporate or increase our exercise or body movement. Become aware of when it happens and take action immediately.

Now that I have regained my well-weight, the minute I notice the discomfort from weight gain and the inflammation, I kick it up a notch to compensate. Carefully watching what I eat and how much I increase my exercise routine help me regain control. I suggest that like me, you take time to reflect on what you’ve done, what you’ve eaten, or what changes may have taken place in your diet or your exercise routine. Consider any medical or emotional issues that cause the slide. Get help from a medical professional, join with a group of like-minded, health-conscious people to get and give support, but do take action.

Also take time to identify food issues, for me it’s corn GMO or otherwise. I cannot consume corn. My body doesn’t like it and rebels, causing a physical crisis. By removing corn from the equation, I felt much better. If you do this and you find yourself feeling better by eliminating certain foods and you lose weight, then stay away from that food.

Reverse the gain before it causes the pain. If you work at it, I promise you will begin to notice improvement. By starting to lose the weight, you will begin to minimize the pain you experience. I don’t guarantee your conditions will miraculously disappear, but you will feel better in your body so you can be better in your life. – That’s my motto.

Taking control, losing weight, gaining your healthiest well-weight does take work. But you can do it. I practice this daily. Though I am mostly successful, I do have my bad days. But I stop, reflect and reset to get back to my well-weight. This is a life-long journey. Be vigilant. Work with your medical practitioners, commit to eating right and moving your body to get back to your well-weight.

We all know what our pain point is. Be conscious of it. Remember, when you feel better or worse, listen to what your body is telling you and take action to prevent the pain from the gain.

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