Balance your Life and Reclaim your Well-Being!

Do you feel like you’re “running on empty” or do certain areas of your life seem a bit out of whack?  Does it get you down, make you feel hopeless or confused?  Is it creating wellness issues or emotional challenges that you just can’t seem to overcome?   I can help you uncover where the imbalances are and some of the underlying causes of your strife.  We’ll create a plan that we can navigate through together so you can let go of the negative, embrace the positive and lead a healthier more vibrant life. Get out of your own head and let me in there for a bit!  You’ll find it easier to manage all areas of your life with support through my personalized coaching that will teach you how to recover your strength and resilience from the inside out so you can be better in all you do!

Choose any of the packages on this page if you’re ready to get started right away or contact me for a free discovery session.  


Private one-to-one phone or video call coaching with Lisa

Access to a Membership page portal and Free FB Group

Action steps to overcome your wellness challenge

Inner wisdom guidance and lessons from Lisa… PLUS…


Go over the submitted questionnaire with you

Uncover the causes to overcome challenges

Intuitive guidance on how to minimize issues

Work through the worksheet for faster results

A protocol to help you feel better in your body

Support to achieve your wellness goals


Review challenges & results of the protocol given

Overcome obstacles on any issues that come up

Addt’l get-results protocols to add to the first one

Intuitive guidance will be applied in every session

Clear blocks to help you breakthrough barriers

Same or a different challenge in each session


Everything listed above for the 1-4 Sessions Packages PLUS…

Multiple months of once-weekly 1-hour private phone coaching sessions with Lisa

Additional training on wellness, well-being and any related well-weight challenges

Solutions to uncover hidden causes contributing to fear, anxiety and other emotions

Option to turn any session into an “Energy-Work” or “Ask-Lisa-Anything” hour

Notes & Worksheet PDF downloads with Action-Step protocols to get fast results

BONUS – My complete Leaner Ladies 8 Module Program with Extras and Cheat Sheets


What Others Are Saying…

“Lisa, because of you I am PAIN FREE. I owe you BIG TIME! You have changed the course of my life. I have lost 12 lbs and I feel GREAT!”
Marian LaSalle
Tools Tips & Technology and Future Media Association

“I followed the Leaner Ladies program and dropped 2 sizes in just 2 months.  I felt more energetic and enjoyed being able to fit into new slimmer clothes.  Lisa taught me a lot about my body and weight loss.  Now I can rely on what I learned instead of fad diets to stay at a healthy weight!”
Janine M

You have my full endorsement as a Wellness Coach and Weight Loss Expert. Your clinical knowledge and personal success story is testimony to your expertise in this field! Anyone seeking weight loss should seriously consider your programs for a successful, fast process with great results!
John L. Michie
D.C., C.C.S.P. ~ Whole Health Chiropractic

“The Leaner Ladies Weight Loss Program is sensible, solid, thoughtful and well-conceived.  It helped my daughter lose weight by incorporating the Action Steps and healthy habits into her life.  I definitely recommend working with Lisa for personal weight loss support and encouragement.”
Joy A

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