Well-Weight-Wise Ways for Simple Goal Prepping

Happy Belated New Year!  It’s not procrastination, it’s preparation!  Some of you may already know that I usually do not start or begin any of my resolutions in January and I always consider it a “prep” month.  I even like to call February a “ramp up” month to give myself time to gather momentum!

That doesn’t mean that I don’t start to do new things or take steps towards my goals during the first couple of months of each year. It does mean that I don’ give up or beat myself up if I don’t achieve my goals by January 31st! I bet you can relate to me on that one!

I do quite a few things to prepare for achieving my goals during my prep time. The ways I’m about to go over here will work with any goal… whether it’s a well weight goal, a career goal, a life goal, a family goal, etc… For the list of the steps I’m about  to go over in this post, please fill in the form below (your e-mail is safe with me) and I’ll send you the PDF in simple single line step format with instructions

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Now that you have the list in front of you, let’s get started…

1 – First, write down no more than 3 things that you want to accomplish and determine a realistic doable time frame.  You may have short term goals for the week, month or quarter and longer term goals for 6 months or a year.   If it’s health and wellness related, it will be an on-going goal, but, it’s usually best to break it up into smaller weekly and monthly goals to make it easier to accomplish.  After you make a list of three things, put them on separate pieces of paper or word docs to follow the rest of the prep steps:

2 – Once you have them separated, take a look at them one by one and figure out what is the first (best) step you can take to get started. List the action steps that you can take to achieve each and put them in order of importance. I would only list a couple of action steps because you don’t want to overwhelm yourself. After you take that first step, you can just take another and another until you find yourself in the habit of working towards your goal.

3 – Another thing I recommend is meditating for a few minutes on each to see if you receive any additional guidance or inspiration. You may even get some other ideas on what to do and how to reach your goal. Sit quietly with your goal in mind and just see if you receive any feelings about it. I can get incoming when I’m at the gym listening to podcasts or stretching on the yoga mat. Exercise releases some good chemicals and I seem to get into a zone where I can really hone in and pick up on some things that would make it easier for me to reach my goal.  This can also be done with me by signing up for an intuitive guidance session on my Wisdom page.

4 – Once you’ve meditated (or at least thought about it) a bit, write down all you receive in a few words or bullet points. Then select only one action from each goal to begin with to prevent overwhelm. If you have to just stick to that one action that you are taking for a month, then do it. If you do it for at least 3 weeks, it will become a habit.

5 – I also like to prep by cleaning, organizing, and setting up space in my home and my office. For those of you who don’t have an office, just put aside space in your home or keep things handy that will be dedicated to your goals. You may want to keep an outline of your action steps nearby as well.

6 – Be sure to add each action step to a calendar and use the repeat weekly feature to schedule it. It sounds really simple, but on my Google calendar, I always block out time to do things and I use the repeat feature to make sure that I see them in front of me each week. I also color code the types of calendar items and set notifications to remind me to do them.

7 – Try to break down each action step into smaller steps that you can do each week so that way you’re not taking on everything all at once. I don’t want you taking on something that is just too difficult or that is overwhelming with a lot of components at first. We all can be very overzealous and over ambitious and that’s OK, but it is easier to accomplish your goal if you do it in smaller steps.

8 – Focus on your intentions and write them down in a notebook or put them on post-its in places that you can see them. You want to be reminded often about your goal, the bigger picture of accomplishing it and your action steps.

9 – You may even want to create a small vision board. It does not have to be large and can literally be on an 8.5 by 11 piece of paper or just take some visuals and pin them in a place that you can see them each day. If you make a little vision board, you could glue or tape them to the paper or if the images are digital you could just put them on your desktop in collage format.

10 – Always be sure to reschedule any missed action steps promptly. Become a stickler about putting things on calendars and rescheduling right away if you can’t get to it. Don’t just let it slip through the cracks. Make sure you reschedule it for a time or a day when you can get to it.

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11 – You can even change the parameters of the action step a little bit if necessary to get it done.  If you start doing something that you really don’t enjoy then tweak it so you can make it more doable.  Don’t just throw the baby out with the bath water – If you can’t get to the actual action step, then just change it a little bit to suit you better or fit your lifestyle and get to it!

12 – I find that doing some research on options and asking others who have succeeded at what I’m trying to accomplish can really help.  Don’t try to do everything by yourself!   Get into my Facebook group where you have people who can answer your questions and give you tips every week that you can follow.

13 – Don’t give up even if you take a break.  Adjust your action steps again as needed even if that means getting rid of one or putting it aside and moving on to one of the others that you wrote down.  If that doesn’t work, come up with another action step that IS going to work!  Take time to hone into what you’re going to be able to do or what your body may want or need.

14 – You want to act as though you’ve already accomplished the goal and you’re maintaining the results.  Fake it to make it a bit on this one… Don’t overdo it, but act like it’s already there for you.  At the very least, believe in yourself and in your heart of hearts that you will reach your goal. Tell yourself it’s happening now!

15 – Last but not least, let’s review the part where you get back on track if you fall off at any time and use all of the steps and the ways that I put on this list to do it!  Again, don’t give up. Adjust your action steps accordingly, do your research, change the parameters and do what you have to do to succeed!  Refer to this post and the list I sent you!

EXTRA: If you find that the goal you’re trying to accomplish is something you don’t want to accomplish or you want to change it, always meditate on it first.  Sit quietly to come up with some of the reasons why you’re doing it and what you need to be doing for yourself to move closer to accomplishing any of your New Year’s resolutions or any goal at anytime.

Be sure to download the list and instructions and if you need any help, remember to use the coupon code BONUS20IWS on the Wisdom page of this website to book and intuitive wisdom session with me to better tap into your inner guidance.  I can help you with your goal and tuning into the action steps that will help you reach it.

I am so looking forward to helping you achieve a well weight wise year so you can feel better in your body and be better in your life, business and all that you do!

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