Inspirational Speaker

Lisa will inspire your group or company on the subjects of women’s wellness and weight loss.  She will educate and motivate you to take control of your health and weight issues once and for all!  

Her results oriented approach gives women the knowledge and power to take action and overcome challenges so they can feel better in their body and be better in their life!

Being an Italian from Boston and New Jersey, Lisa has a unique and fun stage presence that makes it easy to learn from her.  Her mission is to help women create noticeable, long lasting positive changes in their body as well as in their mind and spirit.  

She takes audiences on a journey that will empower and give them the confidence and wisdom to reach their well-weight goals!  Everyone will leave with a new resolve and determination to take action!  

All speeches will be designed with the needs of your group in mind and can be tailored to fit any time slot.

Please Contact Lisa to schedule or inquire about additional speaking topics and to discuss the needs of your group.
She looks forward to hearing from you and can’t wait to inspire and educate your group!
Just click the button below to contact her.  Thank You!

Educational Trainer

Lisa will educate and train your group or company on the weight loss formulas she uses to maintain a healthy body weight… 

Her Two Week Transform™ Program cuts through the diet dilemmas and gets right to the 3-core things women need to do to see a transformation in just 14 days! She will put a fun spin on the otherwise daunting task of losing weight and will give you the push you need to succeed! 

Her Leaner Ladies™ Lifestyle Mastery Course is a more in-depth training on how to reach and maintain the most ideal weight for your body no matter what your age!  She teaches women how to overcome all of the most common challenges they face when it comes to their well-weight and “sheds” new light on hormone and thyroid issues.  She also shows you how to incorporate all of it into your busy life!

You will leave with a complete understanding of how to overcome the obstacles that are in the way of being the best you can be in your own body!

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