How to Stay well with “F” Words!… 

Whether you’re reading this during or after the COVID-19 corona virus outbreak, this post can still be relevant for many stressful situations. My heart and prayers go out to everyone affected by this or any other crisis!

Being an Italian from Boston and New Jersey, I’ve used the 4 letter “F” word many times to get through a tough situation.  I’ve also “Freaked Out” on occasion! . Just can’t help myself, but when I’m finished with those two, I settle down and go through a few more productive “F” words…

The first one I go to is “Fundamentals” because this gets me back to the basics.  If I have food, water, shelter and clothing, etc, I can relax a bit knowing I have a strong foundation.  Organizing, taking inventory and getting all of my “Fundamentals” in place first can go a long way in feeling more secure and somewhat in control.

My next “F” words are “Friends and Family”Watch and read more below…

How to Survive a Crisis with “F” Words Continued…

“Friends & Family” – Be sure to reach out to your friends and family by phone, Facebook or any other means.  Try not to isolate and instead make it a point to reach out to people through your own network, groups, coaches and even agencies if needed.

“Facts” – Make sure you have the facts and find them yourself!  This especially holds true on news segments because they usually only give you snip-its and there is always much more to the story!   Check the source and read the entire article before taking a side or getting sucked into their sensationalism!

“Find”… Find yourself, find strength, find time, find new ways of doing things… And maybe you’ll even find some missing socks in the laundry!  Lol!!

“Feelings” – Honor your feelings!  We’re all unsure at times and may feel like freaking out, but try to work through them by rationalizing. If you can’t work through them on your own, reach out to others who can help!

“Freedom” – We may not have a lot of freedom in times of crisis, but to free yourself from within, let go of what you can’t take control of.  You do have control over yourself and what you do.  You have more control than you think!  Just be sure you free yourself from controlling others or it will make you miserable!

“Face your Fears” – With a smile!  There are some things we don’t have control of, but we have to face them, rationalize them and let go of what is not in your control so you can do what you need to do for yourself and your loved ones!

“Faith” – Have faith and hope that it will turn out ok.  No matter what your religion or belief system, you gotta have faith – Even in the most serious circumstances! Faith in ourselves and others brings hope!

And, remember to put all of these “F” words together in any combination to help you feel better about any situation!

Sincerely here to help you Feel Better in Your Body!

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