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We all can get bombarded by Media, Social Media, Stories, Opinions, Truths, Lies and more each day.  Many different emotions can come up for us and I want to share with you some of the ways I use my inner compass to navigate through all of this. Intuition and learning how to process your emotions is very important.

When you are bombarded with “news stories” and it brings up emotions like fear and anger, hope and hopelessness that overwhelms you, try to notice what you are thinking and feeling.  Stop and think about where the emotion (like fear) is coming from.  Many times you can dig deep and ask yourself what the emotion is and where it is coming from… Many times “fear” is from fear of death, fear of the unknown, fear of not being in control, fear of not knowing how to proceed.

Once you find the root of the emotion (fear, anger, etc), you can work on dissipating it.  One of the main ways I do this for myself is by tapping into spirituality… God, a higher power, the universe… something bigger than us!  Getting out in nature can be a great way to do this since it puts you in a position where you know you didn’t create it and don’t have any control over it yet you are comfortable in it!  here!  Once you realize something bigger than you is in control of the “big picture” you can begin to let go and be calm. Let go of being in control and reach for spiritual comfort!

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How to Use Your Inner Compass cont’d…

Another way I use my compass is by following the direction it tells me to go! My inner compass always prompts me to do research or look into things more thoroughly which helps me find a more truthful version and some middle ground on any given subject. I’m definitely a person who loves knowledge, but I like to put the pieces of the puzzle together for myself.  I highly suggest you do this as well, especially if the “news media” is telling you something that brings up emotions like anger for you.  Try to go to proper sources like .gov, research sites, universities, the person or company you’re hearing about, etc, to seek the truth, unbiased reports, different perspectives and a more accurate full spectrum take on it.

I also try not to judge other people – which is very difficult as a human – Lol!  At the very least, you can judge in a way that has a middle ground and in a fair, balanced way.  When I do it this way, I feel more in my own truth and I can discern what is right or wrong for me without getting overly emotional about what others are doing.  I try to rationalize and connect to my inner compass and when I see something that doesn’t feel right to me, I try to understand that other person may not be following their inner compass or maybe they are, but are unwilling to find a more middle ground on the subject!  Either way, I don’t have any control over it or them!  

A great way to follow your inner compass and get more clarity on what’s best for you and your body is the “YES” – “NO” method!  For additional info on this, watch the video or schedule a Personal Coaching Session with me and I’ll teach you how to use this method in your every day life!  In our session together I’ll also help you work on the other Inner Compass methods I mentioned so you can discern what’s best for you and your life! 

In the mean time, follow your inner compass and do what’s right for you!  Let others do what’s best for them!

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