Lisa’s Recommendations For Reaching Your Well-Weight Goals

My Weight Loss Short Story…

These are untouched pictures of me. The BEFORE picture is of me 40 lbs overweight and miserable! Even though I was smiling for the picture, I was feeling pretty bad on the inside. I gained the weight and began noticing a whole slew of symptoms soon after I turned 41 years old. I was in pain, bloated and most of my clothes didn’t fit any longer.  I felt horrible!

My doctors and friends said I was “at that age” or “this is what happens when you go though “THE change”…  Well, I didn’t buy it… NOT ANY OF IT… So… After many tests and doctor’s visits, I decided to take matters into my own hands to get to the bottom of it!  I did quite a bit of research, went through a lot of trial and error and finally figured it out and managed to come up with a plan to lose the weight and regain my health! 

The AFTER picture is me back at my healthy body well-weight and happy! I have kept the weight off since 2011… even with hormonal fluctuations and thyroid issues that supposedly caused the weight gain in the first place. 

The techniques I use are in ALL of my Leaner Ladies® wellness, weight and wisdom programs and if you follow the methods in them, you WILL lose weight AND Feel Better in Your Body… just like I did!

Me at 185 pounds and wearing loose sun dresses to hide the rolls!

Me at 145 pounds and wearing my favorite skinny jeans again!

Lisa’s Leaner Ladies® Well-Weight Program Options

Below are 3 well-weight protocols which are a part of my Leaner Ladies® Weight Management Programs.  They’re all taken from my main Leaner Ladies® Lifestyle Program and created for women who want to see weight loss results quickly.  Each can be worked through easily at your own pace and includes immediate access to all modules, audio training and support emails from me to keep you on track!  They will help you lose weight fast while incorporating important principles you can continue to incorporate into your life.

   All of my programs empower you with the wellness, weight and wisdom tools you need to Feel Better in Your Body and Be Better in Your Life!  You can begin with the 5-Day Gentle Detox Protocol then move up to the 14-Day Two Week Transform or just jump “all in” and learn the 21-Day Weight Loss Freedom Formula to take control of your well-weight once and for all!


The Leaner Ladies® Gentle Detox Protocol is designed to be used whenever you need to give your body a much needed break and cleanse! You can follow it for 3-5 days after an over-indulgent weekend or vacation. It is an excellent way to jump-start a weight-loss program. One great feature is that it is done with common ingredients you buy at your local grocery store and does not require harsh pills or potions. It will have you feeling less bloated and can actually help calm inflammation as well as reverse weight gain and prevent future gain before it takes hold! 
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The Leaner Ladies® Two-Week Transform Program is for those who want to see fast weight loss results or have a several pounds to lose before a big event. If you follow it for 14 days, you WILL lose weight and feel lighter and more energetic! There are simple action steps you will take each day to see and feel noticeable changes in your body. It is easy to follow and includes a daily motivational support reminder e-mail. This program really nips weight gain in the bud and helps to reset your body’s fat burning abilities so you can see an immediate weight loss transformation!
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Two-Week Transform Program
Leaner Ladies Lifestyle - Weight Loss Freedom Formula

The Leaner Ladies® Weight Loss Freedom Formula is an empowering weight loss system that incorporates methods and techniques developed by me (Lisa M. Pepe) to help women take control and reverse weight gain so they never have to “diet” again!  This program gives you all of the tools I used to achieve my well-weight along with everything I still do to keep the weight off for good! It will work even if you are going through hormonal changes or have other conditions as it is adjustable to every woman’s needs and weight loss type!
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