I lost 40 pounds and have kept it off for over 5 years using the methods in my program. If you follow the steps I show you, I promise you WILL reach and easily maintain your healthiest weight ever! And as an awesome side effect, you will fit into your favorite “skinnier” jeans, have more energy and feel better in your body! Learn more about this life changing program below…


The Leaner Ladies™ Weight Loss Freedom Formula™

This downloadable program is delivered to you all at once, but you choose the pace at which you open and work through each Module. The 21 daily accountability reminder emails you receive will serve as coaching prompts from me to help you stay on track. If you follow along with them, you will learn how to free yourself from ever having to diet again! Each module has a recorded coaching tutorial that explains the module’s weight-loss technique and gives detailed instructions on how to use the worksheets, charts and guides to take empowered action. This program is designed to teach you a new way of life and I guarantee you will reach your goal weight and maintain your ideal healthy weight for good if you use it! I know it works, because I do it!

Included in the Training and Bonus Modules…

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MODULE #1 - Set For Success...
  • How To Overcome Your Obstacles Action Worksheet

  • Before Beginning Action Step & Tracking Sheets

  • Commitment & Desire Statement Declaration Page

  • Support System & Accountability Instructions

  • Overcoming Fear of Failure Action Plan & Steps

MODULE #1 - Set For Success Coaching Audio
  • Complete Instructions on How to Set for Success

  • I will go over every step and section in Module 1

MODULE #2 - Tune In & Detoxify...
  • Detect Trigger-Signals & Satisfy Cravings Guide
  • Intuitiion & Sensitivities Body Awareness Chart
  • 3-5 Day Detox and Beyond Step by Step Guide
  • Action Plan Worksheet for Gentle Detoxification
  • Modules 1 & 2 Overview Outline for Reference

MODULE #2 - Tune In & Detoxify Coaching Audio
  • Complete Instructions on How to Detect & Detoxify

  • I will go over every step and section in Module 2

MODULE #3 - Leaner Ladies™ Foods
  • Detailed Outline of Easy Eating Guidelines
  • How To Have a Weekly Treat Food Day
  • Eating Action Steps for Healthy Food Habits
  • Weight Loss Eating Facts & New Leaner Ideas
  • Weekly Food & Drink Awareness Logs

MODULE #3 - Leaner Ladies™ Foods Coaching Audio
  • Complete Instructions on Lean For Life Foods

  • I will go over every step and section in Module 3

MODULE #3 -Color Coded Food Combining Chart
  • A Special 5 Part Chart on how and what to eat

  • Yummy proteins and what to eat them with

  • How to handle different types of fats and dairy

  • The unlimited greens & veggies you can have

  • Good and Bad Carbohydrates and how to combine

  • Foods you must avoid except on your Treat Day

MODULE #4 - Eat the Weight Away...
  • Additional Eating Guidelines to Speed up Fat Burning
  • Quick & Easy Weight Loss Meal Examples to Follow
  • Meals & Shopping List Planning Worksheet
  • Serving Portion Size Chart for Eating Right
  • Modules 3 & 4 Overview & Healthy Eating Steps

MODULE #4 - Eat the Weight Away Coaching Audio
  • Complete Instructions on Eating the Weight Away

  • I will go over every step and section in Module 4

MODULE #5 - Body Movement...
  • “Reasonable Excuses” Action Step Worksheet
  • Ways to Move Your Body How-What-When Worksheet
  • Balanced Fitness Design for The Fastest Weight Loss
  • 40 Easy Ways to Fit Body Movement Into Your Life
  • Weekly Body Movement Log To Track Your Progress

MODULE #5 - Body Movement Coaching Audio
  • Complete Instructions on Eating the Weight Away

  • I will go over every step and section in Module 4

  • Getting Started Weight Loss Strategy Sheet
  • The Simple Steps for Fast Results & Checklist
  • 21 Extra Easy Weight Anytime Loss Actions
  • 21 Ways to Manage & Satisfy Sweet Cravings
  • 21 Totally Yummy Junk Food Substitutes
  • 21 Cheat Food & Treat Day Tips and Ideas

6 BONUSES & GIFTS Coaching Audio
  • Complete Instructions on the 6 Awesome Bonuses

  • How to get started with the Weight Loss Strategy

  • Following the 5 Simple Steps for the fastest results

  • 21 Extra Easty Weight Loss Tips explained

  • 21 ways to easily satisfy Sweet Craving

  • Snack Substitutes I use to keep the weight off

  • A Support E-Mail will be sent to you Daily for 21 Days
  • They will Inspire and Guide You Through the Program
  • Follow the Instructions given in them for Fast Weight Loss

More About Me & The Leaner Ladies™ Weight Loss Freedom Formula™:

As a Certified Personal Trainer and Wellness & Weight Loss Coach, my mission is to help women feel better in their body so they can be better in their life. I want every woman to be at the healthiest weight possible for their body no matter what their age or conditions might be!  It’s not about being a size 2… it’s about reaching the best weight for YOU!  This program will get you there!

I developed the Leaner Ladies™ Weight Loss Freedom Formula™ to enable, encourage and empower women to lose weight easily and keep it off long term by giving you the coaching and steps to succeed. All you have to do is listen to the MP3 tutorials and learn the techniques I teach you in the Modules, read the daily E-mails for on-going support and take Action using the downloads you receive to see great weight loss results!

The Weight Loss Freedom Formula™ will work even with the challenges some women can face such as hypothyroidism, hormonal fluctuations during pre to post menopause fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. I had to work with and overcome all of these while I was losing weight so this program is especially designed to work even if you have those conditions!

Feeling the effects of  hormonal changes on my weight forced me to tweak my own health and fitness regimen so that I was able to once again get back to my leaner lady self! I created this from first hand experience, research and my own trials and errors while overcoming the obstacles that can get in the way of most women’s best laid weight loss plan.

I also relied on all that I had learned from being a personal trainer and input from several holistic practitioners I knew during that time.  Leaner Ladies™ Weight Loss Freedom Formula is designed to help women of all ages feel better in their body so they can be better in their life!


My before and after pictures on this website are untouched and show me with my hormonal weight gain and then after I lost the weight using the weight loss program I now call Leaner Ladies™ Weight Loss Freedom Formula™.  Pardon the wet hair in both… I was at the beach!

Even after turning 50, the methods in my Leaner Ladies™ Weight Loss Freedom Formula™ have still helped me keep the weight off! I am living proof that it really works and I assure you that if you follow it, you too will see great weight loss results and easily maintain the best healthy well-weight for your body!  I can say with confidence that if you learn it, and live it, you will lose it and love it!

The Leaner Ladies™ Weight Loss Freedom Formula Includes
Everything You Need to Lose Weight and Keep it Off For Good!


5 Easy to Follow Weight Loss Coaching Modules:

The 20 Minute Set For Success Coaching Audio

Set Strategies For Overcoming Obstacles

Before Beginning Preparation for Success
How to Establish Strong Commitment & Desire
Support System & Accountability
Steps to Overcome Fear of Failure


The 20 Minute Tune In & Detoxify Coaching Audio

Detect Triggers and Satisfy Cravings

Body Awareness, Intuitions and Sensitivities 
How to Gently Detoxify Now and Any Time
Easily Prepare for The Gentle Detox
Detox Steps Quick Overview

The 20 Minute Leaner Ladies Foods Coaching Audio

Easy Eating Guidelines to Accelerate Weight Loss

How To Have an Enjoyable Weekly Treat Day
Incorporating New Eating Habits
Weight Loss Eating Facts & New Leaner Ideas
Weekly Food & Drink Awareness 

A Simple Color Coded Food Combining Chart

Easy to Follow Steps for Quick Reference

The 20 Minute Eat the Weight Away Coaching Audio

How to Speed Up Fat Burning 

Quick and Easy Weight Loss Meal Examples
Meals & Shopping Planning in a Snap
Eating Right Serving Portion Size Chart
Eating Lean Steps Simplified

The 20 Minute Body Movement Coaching Audio

How to Fix “Reasonable” Excuses

Simple Ways to Move Your Body
Balanced Fitness Design for Fast Weight Loss
40 Easy Ways to Fit Body Movement Into Your Life
Weekly Body Movement Progress Achievements

21 Support & Guidance E-Mails

An Inspirational E-Mail Sent Daily for 21 Days
Instructional to Keep You on Track AND Great Tips for Motivation

Discounts on My other Programs & Coaching

A Special Discount Code to Purchase Additional Support

Plus… 6 Bonus Gifts With Over 80+ Tricks & Tips

Getting Started Weight Loss Strategy 

Simple Steps for Fast Results

21 Extra Easy Weight Loss Tips

21 Ways to Satisfy Sweet Cravings

21 Totally Yummy Snack Substitutes

21 Cheat Food Ideas & Treat Day Tips

ALL for just… $97!

To lose all the weight you want AND keep it off AND never have to diet again!

Click on the link below for immediate access to all
Modules, Coaching Audios, Bonuses and Emails…

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