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I love to travel and have plenty of well-weight tricks to keep me on track.  I’ve come up with a few guidelines that make it easier for me to reach and maintain my well-weight goals while I’m on the road and I know that if I don’t follow them, I won’t feel as good during my trip.  Most are not optional and, whenever I’ve tried to do without one or two, I’ve experienced set backs in my well-weight which include water retention, bloating, stomach aches, other health issues and weight gain!  l want to travel in a way that doesn’t interfere with my healthy body goals and help you do the same!

I’m often asked what I do to eat right and stay in shape when I’m traveling so, as I prepare for my next trip, I thought I’d share a few of my well-weight travel tricks. I have a mental checklist of what I will need when I’m traveling to make sure that I’m set and I don’t skip a beat (or too many beats) when it comes to maintaining my well weight or achieving new well weight goals.

Watch and read about more about my healthy travel tricks below…

Well-Weight Travel Tips cont’d…

Book a hotel with Kitchenette – I always make sure that I stay at a hotel with a kitchenette so I can prepare my own meals. More importantly, I can go to the grocery store to shop for healthy foods and snacks. No Kitchenette options available? Try to find lodging that has a decent hotel refrigerator. The ones that come up to about your hips are best, so you have extra room to store all of the healthy goodies that you’ll be getting.  Many hotel rooms also have a microwave and a few offer a wet bar area.  Call the hotel to ask ahead of time if possible.  While you may not be able to cook in your room, it’s best to have plenty of healthy food and drinks available.

Pack a cooler with healthy food and snacks – As you run out the door with your luggage, you probably don’t think much about what you’re going to eat on the way to your destination and that can open you up to some pretty bad food choices along the way.  To avoid unhealthy eating options, I like to pack a small cooler with tuna fish & gluten free crackers, chicken lettuce wraps or a small salad.  I also include a 3oz container of hummus with celery, organic apples (&/or other fruit), seeds and nuts along with a couple of protein bars. I keep things fresh by putting in a few mini-plastic cubes and keeping the cooler in the fridge until right before I walk out the door.  If you can’t pack a small cooler, at least put healthy snacks into your purse or carry-on bag and think about what you’re going to eat on-the-go ahead of time.

Choose wisely at restaurants – Many food joints and kiosks do have healthier choices like salads, rice & veggies, hummus & veggies, fruit, nuts and trail mixes.  Just be sure to stay away from the fried food places (as tempting as it can be) or you may find yourself not feeling good and sabotaging your well-weight right out of the gate.  

Make a shopping list – Plan what you will need once you arrive at your location then go to the grocery store soon after you arrive.  If you put it off, the days will pass and you will find that you get busy and never get there. Preparation and making sure that you follow through is very important to maintaining your well-weight goals while you travel.  Some things on my lists are frozen berries and bananas for my protein shakes, pumpkin and sunflower seeds and salad stuff.  I also buy chicken, no-preservative frozen shrimp and frozen veggies for stir fries.

Schedule your Exercise time – Find out where the nearest Fitness Center is… which these days can be right in your hotel.  I sometimes join a local gym for a longer trip and I try to get there several times per week.  If you can’t do either, then try to walk to and from your destinations or pick activities that incorporate some form of body movement or exercise.  

These travel tricks will help you stay on track with your health and wellness while on the road.  Though you may still gain some (water) weight on the days you overindulge, you can counteract that by following the simple things I’ve outlined in this video blog. You want to try to balance out the good with the not so good so you don’t end up having to reset and start over when you get back. Do have fun and enjoy yourself while you travel, but do yourself a favor and keep these well-weight travel tips in mind.

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