Welcome!  I’m Lisa M Pepe and I’d like to take you on a journey!  Wellness, Weight management and Wisdom seeking have been very important parts of who I am for over 30 years!   I’ve always tried to lead a fun and fulfilling life while keeping my body healthy and at it’s most ideal weight … even when it didn’t want to cooperate.  During those times when I felt like I was falling apart in terms of my wellness or weight, I found wisdom to be the main ingredient that helped me hold it all together and even put my self back together a time or two!

I believe every woman has a built-in compass that can help her get on-track and stay the course when leading a healthier life and being comfortable in her own skin!  It’s not about striving to be skinny or giving up all of your favorite things… that would be depriving yourself!  It’s about filling yourself up in ways you never imagined…

… it’s about… Learning your body’s language, listening to it and understanding what it’s saying!
… it’s about… Uncovering the real reasons you may not be improving in certain areas of your life!
… it’s about… Admitting weaknesses to yourself but finding your strengths to overcome them!
… it’s about… Trying different methods until you find what works for you and then sticking to it!
… it’s about… Knowing when you’re being closed minded or stubborn and opening up to possibilities!
… it’s about… Finding the right balance in your daily routine to prevent unhealthy habits and ruts!
… it’s about… Seeing things as they are and questioning why they are that way so you can change them!
… it’s about… Living the life you imagine from the inside to become what you want on the outside!
… it’s about… Loving yourself no matter where you are but moving forward fearlessly to be even better!
… it’s about… Seeking advice from others in a place you’d like to be and acting on it without hesitation!

And it’s about So Much More!   … I hope you’ll join me on your journey and allow me to share as much of my knowledge, experience and passion with you to help you put together the pieces of your own Wellness, Weight and Wisdom puzzle!

I would love for every woman to feel better in their body so they can be better in their life and I am committed to helping you reach your Well-Weight goals Wisely!”

To learn more about me, please go to the “About Me” page of this website – www.lisampepe.com/aboutme

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