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I’m happy to have been a guest on the Daily Reset for Success Show.  As most of you know, I’m a Certified Wellness coach who has been into wellness since I was a teenager.  I would hop around in my living to PBS fitness shows and eat healthy foods as much as possible. In my 20’s I was always asked for wellness related advice and that’s where my interest really took hold.  Then, in my 30’s I became a Certified Personal Trainer with extra certs in Stress Management and Nutrition so I could coach others on the importance of health and how to exercise properly.

All heck broke loose in my early 40’s when my body flip flopped and seemed like it was completely breaking down. I saw a slew of doctors and specialists, had a multitude of tests and felt like I was dying – No joke!  When they couldn’t seem to figure out what was wrong with me, I started to track all of my symptoms, test results and research.  I ended up with a 6″ binder full of documentation by the time I was done.  I also saw holistic practitioners and natural doctors who helped me uncover some patterns and possible answers to my issues which I brought along with my notebooks of information to every doctor I went to.  With further testing, we settled on a general diagnosis of major Thyroid and hormonal imbalance issues, but I had to take matters into my own hands and figure out how to “fix” the problem!

Thus began my recovery… And the beginning of my Wellness, Weight and Wisdom programs!

Watch/read more of what’s in the show below…

Wellness Wisdom cont’d…

For those without hormonal issues, it is still very important to keep you “Wellness Pillars” strong!  I like to start with the foundation of nutrition which can include eating whole foods and staying away from artificial ingredients!  It is important to avoid chemicals in foods as much as possible and I recommend reading ALL labels to begin with.  If you can’t pronounce an ingredient or have no idea what it is, don’t eat it!  We need all of the vitamins and minerals we can get so start with natural, good for you foods (lots of veggies too) without additives!  Anything you or your body doesn’t recognize is not good to eat!

Many people react badly to processed foods and restaurant meals, but don’t realize it was from food at all.  Take note on how you feel after eating certain foods and try to ask your server what is in the “packages” of sauces and other menu items… You’d be surprised what’s in them!

Try to get fresh produce (and even meat) from your local farmer’s markets, co-ops or even farm-to-table outlets.  Grocery stores are even starting to sell more local food so be sure to check with them as well!

Another Wellness Pillar I like to focus on is the Spiritual Pillar.  This can include something as simple as getting out in nature and breathing some fresh air!  Try to do this as much as possible (daily is good, but even a couple of times a week works) to improve your overall well being.

The Mental Pillar is also very important!  Part of a woman’s mental health challenge can be directly related to hormonal imbalances so be sure to get your full hormone panel blood work done yearly!  Nutrition directly affects our hormones and brain chemicals so be sure you are getting proper nutrition and have a solid nutritional foundation.  And decrease news watching time!

All in all there are many simple things you can do to increase your physical and emotional wellness!  Be sure to watch the video above to get all of the extras and join in the conversation!  In the mean time, do what you can to stay healthy!

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