Lisa’s Recommendations For Tuning Into Your Inner Guidance System

Tune-In Within Group Training

This 2 hour virtual group workshop is for you If you want to learn how to tap into your inner guidance system for answers to your most pressing well-weight issues and more. 
I will teach you how to detect what may be causing some of your aches, pains, weight issues and more by taking you through a guided tune-in technique that helped me overcome my own challenges!

Part 1 – I’ll go over the principles of why tuning into your own innate wisdom works and the many different circumstances you can use it in.  I rely on it for health and wellness as well as every day decision making.

Part 2 – I will teach you a couple of different techniques I use to find answers in my own life and variations you can try to get to the bottom of what ails ya.  As you practice using them, you will find they begin to come automatically.

Part 3 – We will have feedback from group participants and I will assist those who would like help on a volunteer basis.  This is a video call, but you can join in via phone and still learn and benefit from this training.

All group workshops are held each Wednesday and you will receive e-mails with details and reminders.  Please contact Lisa if you do not receive the schedule information.  Individual sessions will be scheduled using an on-line scheduler and e-mailed availability so please check your in-box for notifications from lisa@lisampepe.com.  Thank you and I look forward to our sessions together!

Intuitive Wisdom Individual Session

A large part of gaining wisdom is listening to our intuition.  If we learn to listen to the intuitive hits we receive, we can make better everyday choices for ourselves and actually lead more confident lives. 
During this private 1+ Hour phone coaching session, I will teach you on how to tune into and use your own intuition easily anytime and anywhere you need to!  I use the techniques I will be teaching you EVERY day in my own life and they really help to guide me!

Part 1 –  I’ll give you simple techniques to access your powerful intuitive wisdom in different ways so that you can choose the method that is most comfortable for you.

Part 2 – You will learn a mindful meditation that you can do daily to hone into that part of you which is intuitive and full of untapped innate wisdom.

Part 3 – We’ll tap into and work on one of your biggest well-weight challenges and practice using the methods I teach you.

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