Worldwide Wellness or What?

Some takeaways from this video about Worldwide Wellness…

  • There seems to be a shift moving us towards a more global world view on all things wellness
  • Do your own research on everything using alternative search engines and sources to find truth
  • Many medical professionals all over the world are putting together information you need to hear
  • Expand your reach and gain a better perspective by not watching the main stream news
  • Informed consent, right to try and freedom to take vitamins & supplements is being threatened
  • Your health is important and you must retain your right to protect it as you see fit is God given
  • Some world plans for wellness sound good, but the ways they want to get there can be harmful
  • There are always several different ways that can be combined to achieve the desired outcome
  • Many doctors are being censored, fact checked and taken down from social media outlets
  • We should be able to openly discuss all possibilities, opinions and perspectives to solve issues
  • When I see things being pushed in a forceful way using fear tactics, I have to ask what & why
  • Everyone is different and we should always have the choice of what we put into our body
  • Each country pushing world wellness views might be breaking human rights rules and laws
  • Follow the funds, connect the dots, investigate the companies and look into the people involved
  • Do they really have our best interest in mind when they won’t give us all of the information?
  • What are they hiding/not telling us? Why are they taking away choices? What’s the real agenda?
  • The people pushing their version of worldwide wellness may be doing more harm than good.
  • Stay safe, strong and sovereign. You have the right to informed consent and wellness your way!

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