Well-Weight-Wisdom Tip – You are what you eat… or are you?

This is an updated version of a blog post I wrote about three years ago.  The title of that one was “Are you what you eat?” and, in it, I started off saying that maybe just because you eat a cheeseburger you won’t actually turn into a cheeseburger but…  Even if you don’t turn into the cheeseburger or bag of potato chips, you will definitely feel like it in your body!  To help you prevent turning into a food you eat or feeling the side effects of eating the wrong things I’m giving five questions that you can ask yourself when you’re about to eat something.

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Read more for an example of how I felt like I was turning into something I ate… and how you can avoid it… 

Harmful Food Additives cont’d…

A few months ago, I was letting myself off the hook a couple of times each weekend and when I traveled.   I was eating all-natural organic blue corn chips and potato chips which are foods that I never ate or craved even when I was a kid.  I really could take them or leave them and I always felt they were too greasy, carby and salty for me.

But… for some reason (a few months ago) I decided that it was okay (because it was my birthday month) to indulge in some of these treat foods every weekend when I was out with friends or doing other things and they were available.  This may not sound like a big deal to some but I definitely started to feel like I was becoming what I was eating… a bag of potato chips and a bag of blue corn chips!  I felt horrible and I noticed that, in those couple of months, I was gaining weight and retaining a lot of water that I couldn’t lose.  I knew why (of course) so I cut them out after my last trip out of town and I feel so much better!  Less bloated and healthier!  I guess I can chalk it up to a good experiment as I am always your canary in the coal mine and if it bothers me it’s probably bothering you somehow!

You really are what you eat in some way.  The foods we eat can actually make us feel good or bad internally and even affect us externally.   Skin conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis can be caused or exasperated by what you put into your body!

Keep in mind, I don’t want you to deprive yourself of all of your favorite foods and in all of my programs I always give you a treat day to eat whatever you want.  I’ve actually come up with a lot of healthy versions of my treat foods because I just don’t want to eat a particular food or ingredient any longer.  I’m a big believer in finding out what’s bothering your body and not eating the ingredient no matter what it’s in.  Every woman that I know has at least five foods and ingredients that they are sensitive to and it is probably best if they don’t put them into their body.  When you do go to put a food into your body you want to ask yourself the 5 questions I gave you so you can make the healthiest choice for yourself.  You request the download by submitting the form below:

Knowing what the ingredients are is key.  Most are eating blindly and just assuming that everything that we are given or sold or everything we buy is 100% healthy… NOT!  I want you to be aware so always find out ALL of the ingredients in the food that you’re eating.  That food is going inside your body and it’s going to have an effect on you whether it’s your skin, your weight, your mood , a reaction, exasperation of a condition you already have

Also check to see if there are any additives or chemicals in that food.  This goes right along with knowing the ingredients.  Don’t just believe a package if it says no artificial colorings, flavorings or preservatives because they put other ingredients in there that may sound natural but really aren’t.   Be aware that the further away from the natural whole food you get the less your body can extract nutrients from it and the worse you’re going to feel… especially in the long run.

Take notice of  how do you feel before, during and after you eat something.  Maybe you notice a little indigestion starting or you feel a bloated or over-full for the amount you just ate.   This goes a long way in determining foods that you might be sensitive to.  It can be difficult to detect sensitivities if you’re  constantly eating foods with a lot of ingredients in it but I will be glad to help you go through the elimination process and actually figure out what your top five foods are if you contact me at www.lisampepe.com/contact to set up a coaching session.  If you’re a do-it-yourself person, I have three (DIY with a little audio & daily e-mail help from me) programs.  You can start with my five-day Gentle Detox Protocol which will help you to purge some of the things that you are eating.  It will also help you determine what you are sensitive to when you reintroduce the pure and natural form of the food or ingredient.

The nutritional value of the foods you’re eating is also very important.  Processed and packaged foods usually have a lot of zeros which make them empty calories.  Even when it says 2%, it really doesn’t count so any vitamin, mineral, fiber or protein under a 4 or 5 is a zero too!  Then there’s the opposite… You might have something high like sugars or carbs which might be in the 20’s or 30’s which is way too high per serving!

You want to get something good out of it everything you put into your body!  And you want to make sure you will be using all of the good stuff you’re getting… even the calories.  I’m not a calorie counter but watch when you eat a full meal and how much of that food you’re going to use.  I can tell you that it might be more difficult to digest food at night so you might not even get your full nutritional value out of it.  Iif you don’t use the energy from that food your body will probably be storing some of it as fat.

That covers the five things you should ask yourself every time you’re going to eat.  Make sure you get a copy of my free checklist of all of these things I’m going over with you so you’ll have a little cheat sheet and you can actually take notes and mark down your answers!  You can also visit my homepage to Register for my FREE 3-Part Audio Training. By registering, you will receive my 3-Part Wellness-Weight-Wisdom Audio Training with Action-Step Download AND access to my invitation only Leaner Ladies™ closed Facebook group for extras I only share with my community!  Or just LIKE and follow me on Facebook or subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

Looking forward to seeing you in there and in helping you Feel Better in Your Body!

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