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Support in a Group Setting with weekly tips, training & workshops!

Monthly Membership just $47/mo – (Regularly $77/mo) 

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Here’s What’s Included…


​As soon as you become a member of the Ladies Wellness & Lifestyle Club, you will have access to the Membership Page and Facebook Group! In both of these places, you can find all links to videos and worksheets along with additional access to training materials, checklists and other tools. This will allow you to work on things at your own pace, print out the PDFs, check out the recipes and refer back to them at any time. You can also ask questions in the group and add comments to posts right away!


Each week I’ll coach you on a wellness topic, group activity or challenge via a FB Live session. Each will come with a worksheet and instructional posts and we’ll work through the content together. You can ask questions along the way via post comments and in the coaching session.  No worries if you can’t make every one – You’ll have access to all of the videos, worksheets and instructions in the group’s Units section and in your membership portal for as long as you are a member.


I’ll also be posting simple ways to enhance your wellness each week and welcome your requests!  Some post topics have been and will be about healthy eats, meditations, detoxing, protein shakes, supplements, nutrition, toxins, viral load, food additives, stress, weight gain/loss, pain management, beauty, hormones, mood, depression, anxiety, calming inflammation, bloat busters, reducing pain, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, energy, thyroid function, all stages of menopause, immune boosters, gluten, gmo, fitness, alternative modalities, essential oils, at home spa treatments, intuition, motivation, inspiration and other wellness, weight and wisdom how to helpers. I look forward to helping you reach our wellness and well-weight goals!


​I’ll be checking in daily to answer questions you may have and will post a Q&A Session card to remind you to ask.  You can also pose a new question on a post you create or ask in the comments of any group post thread. You can’t do it alone and you don’t have to. In this group you’ll feel supported and can check in at any time to be a part of it.  If you don’t feel like it one day, then just watch from the sidelines, but do be sure you’re participating in some way so you get the most out of it. There will also be a Questionnaire in your membership area that you can submit any time to suggest Q&A topics.


You’ll have first hand access to my personal 20 minutes or less recipe index of shakes, snacks, salads, lunches, dinners and side dishes that can be easily prepared in no time!  I also post Tasty Tuesday tips each week in the Group with pictures of what foods I’m buying, preparing and eating.  I also give helpful information about good and bad ingredients, pesticides, gluten and gmo’s so you can make the smartest choices for you and your family at the grocery store!


Once per month I will host a 1-2 hour Virtual Mini-Retreat via Zoom video (you can also just call-in) conferencing.  During this retreat we will begin with short introductions (first name and where you’re joining us from) followed by a calming, centering meditation. The activities will differ each time, but may include gentle stretching, Reiki energy work, reading from spiritual teacher books, intuitive guidance practice, wellness by the water and more!


You will have access to my entire Gentle Detox Protocol program which includes the 20 Minute Coaching Audio, Training Video, Instructions & Preparation Worksheet, AM/PM Daily Routine Chart, Simple Step Protein Shake Recipe, Easy Lunch & Dinner Recipes, Food & Drink Shopping List, Gentle Detox & Beyond Guide, Detox Helpers & Extra Self Care, Step-By-Step Overview and 5 Motivational Support email transcripts. Plus all of the action steps I take to reduce bloat and reverse weight gain!


As an extra BONUS, you will get an up to date Dirty Dozen & Clean Fifteen chart so you can know which produce items have the most pesticide residue and which have the least.  As an extra, extra BONUS,you’ll also receive my Dry Brushing Guide which includes step by step pictures and instructions on how to dry brush for better circulation and other benefits!  There will be additional gifts and goodies for members each month and I am looking forward to sharing them with you!


​You will always receive 20% off any of my programs, coaching or workshops along with early access pricing to all live events and in-person Beach Retreats!  You’ll be invited before others to participate in “space is limited” activities and can bring a friend (or two) at your special discounted member price as well!  Your BONUS discount codes will always be available on your member page.

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